Non meta-team 50% Nerf

Smilo hit on the nose with the rolled up newspaper
Tryko given a surprise manicure
Two dots no longer counter the single dinosaur that appears in 50% of matches.

Thats half my team nerfed lol.
Think I might sit this patch out.


It leased your gigaspikasaurus wasn’t hurt :smiley:

Yup,it was kill 2 patch ago.

Why are you using gigaspike i can understand diplovenator but gigaspike? Thyla is unfortunetly gonna be a sucide bomb on thor now so i am sorry for that, daryx wasn’t the best anyway but i can see it doing something agains thor before 2.3, but erlidom magna and spyx should still do a great job at countering him. Tryko got that 50 dmg when he lost the resilient counter wich wasn’t needed at all, so it losing the 50 dmg now doesen’t realy supriseme but it’s just 50 dmg.

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Also nemys may have goten nerfed because it was actualy very used in the top 10 players maybe it counterd something that ludia thought it shouldn’t counter?

GSpike isn’t as bad as people think.
It counters a lot of the Meta Counters. That was the aim of the team. It managed to stay mid library so was doing alright.

Smilo countered alot, it wasn’t a popular pick amongst most players though so I considered it outside the meta.

What exactly does gigaspike counter

Velociraptor and majundasuchus


The best library creatures

Raptors, Erlidom, Espyx, yoshi, and can get a good hit on dracorat… lots of people stuff that swap up against Gspikefor some reason.

Completly underestimated.
They both are secrets top tiers,but Shhhh

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Or else,when you see it:Just swap out for Grypo /mammolania/tryko and earn your free point.


But those can get counter by something thats so much stronger luke gem, maxima, tryko, dio, lania, tenerex, even orion

I do understand there are better dinosaurs lol, as in title, it is a non meta team. I was trying to see how far I could get with it. It’ll just go backwards in this patch though.

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Also try and see it in the context of the entire team, I built around swaps, counters, and bleeds. Gspike is a good dinosaur to swap into off Stygi or thyla, it has health, defense and a counter.
It also isn’t stopped by a No Swap debuff on entry.
I wasn’t here to debate the efficacy of the team though, considering the levels I think mid library was a good spot for it to be in. Now it will doomed to aviary haha.