Non reset token's this month?

Hihi all.

I just noticed there is no token’s reset stat boost this month… That normal? I mean with the rewards of the alliance championish. That pretty bad.


Who are the people that benefit most from boost reset tokens?

The obvious answer is those who have the most boosts, so the free to play players are the ones who suffer way more from more tokens yes?

I would say be careful what you wish for with regard to reset tokens because unless you have loads to reapply you’ll fall even further behind if they are given away too often.

Think about it :wink:

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Top players already have the best creatures fully boosted though. I think F2P benefit more from being able to recycle what few boosts they have.

Also non F2P players vary hugely in what they pay. To have a significant advantage with boosts, you need to be one of the very biggest spenders IMO - $100 a month won’t give that much extra progress than F2P.


I don’t care about what the other’s players are doing in the game, with spending real money etc. I just look for my play and my fun. With those token’s i could put a new dino in my team, testing one etc. That’s all.


So on my main account I have half a dozen dinos on the bench with boosts on them, yet my team aren’t fully boosted yet as I’ve had to alter it to keep up with the meta. This account has had money spent on it and has been active since the game was launched.

I have 2 alts and neither has had any money spent and they’ve been going for about 2 and 3 years respectively. Neither of them have benched dinos with boosts on them yet they are still just about holding their own in low Gyro. Another token would automatically mean they would both drop significantly as I wouldn’t have the opportunity to do much at all unless I built a new Dino and dropped an existing one. Those around me with benched boosts would be way ahead wouldn’t they?

So whether you try them on a new Dino, play your own game or whatever my point still remains.

Well they have gone to promising/implying a boost reset once every 6 to 8 months or at least once a year, which apparently convinced people to spend more on boosting certain creatures, to nope!. That surprise Nope!, came with no apologies, which felt like a bait and switch to me.
The tokens were supposed to somehow make things better, but you are still going to have creatures you might only deboost in one category because that is where the majority of those boost might be since most people don’t boost their creatures evenly like 10/10/10. Instead most would boost theirs in an uneven pattern like say 18/10/02 . This means you would use one deboost on the 18 boosted stat
and will still most likely deboost the old fashion way on one stat if not two. The longer they delay on those tokens coming out, the more likely we deboost the old fashion way. So I am not exactly shocked more have not come out with more, especially in how things got bugged for the people who already had one in their inventory.
It does look like, that the less they give out the more money they make, so I am not sure what their incentive is to get those tokens out any faster.


They gave up 4 token in total without any boost reset in a year, just to shut us up


Yeah I was really disappointed when I saw that we didn’t get any tokens. I was under the impression that we were getting them every season for championship rewards. One replacement on my team per month, was meh, but it was better than nothing… and it looks like it’s actually nothing… so yeah I was frustrated/disappointed, bah! Still am.


very disappointing indeed… first they cancel boost shuffle events and then they don’t even give out a lousy set of 1 token each per month, which is actually nothing already in my opinion. just don’t buy any boost from the shop guys, then they gonna rethink their decisions. not everyone has enough boosts to forgive fails or acting against nerfs and buffs…