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Non Special event supply drop


Here I live there are no special event supply drop.
Starting to loose the fun of the game.
What can be done?

A lot of Event Boxes disappeared

Hey Svirra, not all parks may have Event Supply Drops because the content provider for Jurassic World Alive is responsible for locating them. However, contact our support team here at with your support key, and they’ll see what they can do.

It’ll be helpful if you also included the following information in your email:

  • Country the park is located in
  • City, town, or neighbourhood the park is located in
  • Longitude and Latitude coordinates of the park
  • Park name


So many many boxes have changed locations which is bad but i could be okay with it, the problem is that in my area there are a lot of parks and here there usually were a lot of event boxes and with that, event dinos.
But now they disappeared, it’s not only that they changed positions or something, there is only 1 in a huge area where we used to have like 10! What is going on?
Has someone else experienced this? I want the normal locations back :frowning:


yes alot of the special supply drops got removed for some reason, it is now hard to get to get all the event dinos :frowning:




How do I find parks? I used to know where they were but since the update I’ve lost my 2 parks.


Also by me some parks are empty now and it is harder to find. Luckily a park next to me has now a new one :open_mouth:


Yeah, the messed up thing near my house is that the took out the boxes on the path, but kept the ones in the middle of the wetlands that nobody can physically reach?! Unless they have some serious gear anyways. I’m rather upset since that is my favorite park event place, now I have to lose half the battery timer if I want anything, since the parks around here have one point


Thats not nice, sorry to hear that,
Got one supply box near to my house that moved away and replaced one into my house :sweat_smile::wink::+1:t3:


From what I’ve seen in my local parks, some Event Supply Drops have disappeared, but in exchange a lot more got added. My parks are filled with dinosaurs now, making it a lot easier to hunt for a specific dinosaur when you have chosen 1 of the 3 featured ones. Sorry this didn’t happen to you guys.


I lost 6 small park drops around my area, and had one park go from 2 to 3 SD. It’s going to be a lot harder for me to acquire the maximum attempts, but in return the rarity spawns have been flooded in my area. Somewhat of a balance that I can definitely compromise with.


i lost 2. one of them was on a trailer park though, which probably shouldn’t have had one anyways. still have one though, just have to drive to a bigger one now to get all the attempts.


The same here! NL a park area were are lots of events and dinosaur but 50% is disappeared. Not moved but gone even stops in my street are gone. Happens today. I’m not happy at all I’ve got the VIP I hope it is something to fix. My connection is 100% good not unstable. I’ve one of the best and fastest connection.
They told me I have a unstable connection it’s NOT the problem so Ludia please fix this problem.


I’ve reported a number of event spawn locations because they removed the ones along the walking trail at a park but simultaneously added more where a creek cuts through the darn place and it’s a SHARP fall off the edge and a LONG way down. Totally inaccessible and people are still going to try to climb down and slip
down this…ravine?.. and I’m just shaking my head wondering why.