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non-Spoofer framed, thread closed and delisted?

There was a thread where a spoofer posted about his alliance and included a screenshot with his spoofing app open - this thread was closed then delisted. How do we report this person, out of curiosity? It would have been nice if the mod said something along the lines of ‘we’re forwarding this to our team to investigate’ and closed the thread, or ‘to report users you suspect of cheating, do blah’ but that didn’t happen so how do we report this user ourselves?


Before it was closed, I did manage to report the person on here, but for the game, I’m not sure.

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What’s the penalty for spoofing? from the quick search i did, it was only 24 hours.

If the account is flagged as a cheater, it can no longer battle non-flagged accounts, and their trophy count shows as 0 in alliances. They were not supposed to be able to join alliances, but apparently that was changed. Also they cannot get any rewards from tournaments.

At least that’s my understanding.

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looked at their account. Now showing 0 trophies.

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Really? Man, I missed it… I love when that happens. I saw it once a long time ago, too.

someone wasn’t thinking when the posted a screenshot.

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I checked and still at 5600 for me.

now it’s showing 5600 as well. hopefully the devs will take care of it.

I’d just like word from the mods that it’s actually getting reported or info on how I can report the player. @Jason @Ned

When I see stuff like this it makes me mad at Ludia much more than the cheater. They should handle this stuff and be open about it when they do. It’s TOXIC to the community that they don’t. It creates an atmosphere of distrust within the community rather than at Ludia for never explaining why they allow it to continue. Spoofer witch-hunt participation may as well be an achievement rank in the game at this point. Smdh.


From what I’ve learned, the people that report and call out the spoofers are just as bad as the spoofers themselves. Smh.

Can you elaborate on how? And in this instance, the guy himself posted a picture of his game with the spoofing app on.


A few days ago I posted an image of a guy with a level 27 smilonemys, hoping for it to gain some attention and result in a ban for the player in question.

The name got edited out of my title, and later that same day, the thread was closed and unlisted. The player in question is STILL active with the SAME level 27 smilonemys. Not banned in the slightest. A bit infuriating how he was ignored, but I am apparently in the wrong.


It also sucks that there really isn’t any dedicated way to report this kind of thing.
I’m also not trying to defend the guy who has the lv 27 smilonemys, but there wasn’t any concrete proof that he was spoofing in the screenshot. Tho the math may not add up, we don’t know what area they play in, how long they play per day, sanctuary levels, etc. Hey, maybe they were contacted by ludia, we won’t know.

In the case of the player we are currently talking about in this post. There was concrete evidence of spoofing.

It’s just frustrating when posts get hidden and nothing said by the mods about if they are looking into the matter.

Hes talking about Ludias natural forum stance… naming and shaming is a big no no. Posting a picture of your game with a joystick still up is perfectly fine.


Ahh, I get what you mean now… yeah - Ludia is very hush hush about everything. They say they’re always working on weeding out the cheaters, but I think they’ve done 2 banwaves since the game started? Someone correct me if I’m wrong.

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Yes absolutely no naming and shaming here. He posted the picture himself. Forgot to shut app off. Then tried to delete picture way to late as it was quoted and screen capture by numerous players.

Yet lydia took it upon themselves to delete the thread right away…lol ibwould love to know how many emails they have tomorrow when they show up for work about that. thread.


I’m still adamant that a level 27 smilonemys is impossible at this point in time, but that’s neither here nor there.

There is a serious communication issue in this forum in regards to cheating, as well as closing threads in general.


Can’t deny concrete evidence. They’ll have a choice to make. Take action against that specific player or upset a great deal of their player base again. It would look bad if they ignored it considering spoofing is against the guidelines.