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non-Spoofer framed, thread closed and delisted?

I just looked and yeah - that is NOT what it looks like when you view your own profile. So it is from someone else, still… I’ve seen enough to know this person is shady on their own.

Such ridiculousness over a freakin’ game.

Whoever it was posted in this one first - Watch your sanctuary

My personal feelings about the guy aside, there are a couple things going on.

I read lots of posts as well and the typos and spelling errors are not his style from what I have seen.

I don’t know him at all, but it seems someone is out to get him. You can get that view of your own account but it’s a few taps to do it, not as easy as just tapping top left. That and the sanctuary battles thread… He ticked off some spoofer who is out to get him.

There’s also this one…

Not endearing himself to many folks…


That one is definately authentic.

Looking at the evidence, I do want to apologize to the real owner of that player name. I jumped to conclusions before all the evidence came to light. I hope the real spoofer is caught and banned not only for spoofing, but for intentionally trying to get another player in trouble who has done nothing wrong.


Same here… I definitely fell for the scam…

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Yeah it wasn’t him, he is an alliance leader why would he ever be so dumb to do that? But one thing I do realize all over the place is, that alliance leaders often have people hating them for some reason or another, I agree with ur statement, I think someone is framing him and trying to get him banned because of some grudge


I wonder if Ludia would be able to block MAC addresses. I’m no tech person, but that could be one way to shut down spoofers if it was possible. block the entire phone/ tablet from gaining access. Puts the cost of getting caught spoofing super expensive.

Mac addresses do not pass the local network, they are layer 2 addresses. When the frame is switched through the gateway, the mac addresses is “overwritten” (not really but effectively for a brief description) by the forwarding devices mac address of the interface in the upstream broadcast domain. They could have the game pull and send the mac address as part of authorization but it can be changed locally on the device or the client can be modified to send whatever it wants, so it would not be a good way to block users.

Wishful thinking then.

If were gonna be honest… Ludia hasnt shown much motivation when it comes spoofers. Or cheaters in general. Even their “ban waves” arent real ban waves… they just force spoofers to only battle themselves and not win season and tournament rewards so you cant grind out enough wins to get 60k miragaia but they can spoof themselves to a level 27 smilonemy…

Theres lots of things Ludia could do… but spoofers neednto buy boosts too


About Professor KP, the REAL ONE.
His alliance is awesome and far from selfish. They often help out smaller alliances getting their missions done when they’ve finished theirs already. They did so for my alliance in the past. Also they help out with great tips on how to get active members, get a sanc on a higher level quickly etc. Don’t care what everybody’s personal opinion about him is but he’s anything but a cheater. Needed to get that off my chest.


The mods could just check the IP address of both accounts and solve this for us. Anyone wanna step up and confirm or deny these theories so we can put this to rest?

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Alt accounts are an ongoing problem we deal with (I think we delete 2-3 of these a shift each). I won’t say who was impersonating who on the forums or which accounts where involved.

You guys should know we don’t discuss other people’s bans with you. I don’t like having my dirty laundry aired and we do our best not to air other peoples in the forums.

Sincerely, a very frustrated and disappointed mod


It’s definitely not the real player who posted the original spoofer screenshot. After I looked through everything, he was definitely being targetted, most likely by some spoofer who has had a beef with him and his alliances for a while now.

I’m wondering if the account that was messing with the sanctuaries got caught because of it, and is trying to get him back. No matter what, it’s some dirty pool.

Unless this is actually the ol’ ultra rare double reverse switcharoo


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Good morning. When did alliance missions leave? They were down for like a week or two a really long time ago while we still had sino as the reward.

Those targeting me are not any random spoofer I regularly expose. Those spoofers do not normally know much about my alliance or my discord server.
A big part of the fake’s message is they are jealous that my DNA requests are filled and that I help others fill them too by connecting them to others who have the DNA each other wants.
I have seen complaints like that before about alliances that do the same.

Yeah I know who is behind this. Let them have their fun. Ludia saw what you did now.

Who wants to get their DNA requests filled then? :grinning:

Why are you bringing me into this? I had absolutely nothing to do with whatever you have going. I even defended you.


derailed - argumentative - unconstructive