Non-spoofing long distance travel


I recently went on vacation across state, which is a little over 150 miles. I opened the game right before I left and right after I got to the destination. I don’t spoof or cheat, but I’m worried that the game might see this as a sign of GPS teleporting. The average speed was probably around 60 mph in case you were wondering. Will the game think I cheated even though I didn’t?


As long as you are physically with your phone, I don’t see that as cheating/ tempering with gps. If you could reach the location in real time, there shouldn’t be an issue.


It’s definitely not cheating, but I don’t know what kind of algorithm the game is using to find spoofers. It may just see it as a 150 mile jump.


If they dig into it I think the time delay would be indicative of actual travel. And the fact it is an out of the ordinary occurrence.


I had one time I turned the game on at work and put me in a place I didn’t recognize. I did one dino while there thinking that after the darting, I would pop back but I was still there.

I opened this Life360 app me and my wife has to show where each other’s phone is at and I was like 6 miles south of my work off in a subdivision on that app. It did finally pop me back to my real location.

In the Pokemon game, it show me pacing a lot inside the big metal building. In that game, that pacing would help level my pets because it gave me distance.

Even just last week it had me stuck on the next street from my work factory a good 500 meters south for a few minutes.


you can be pinpointed on a map based on your IP address. if they can see your IP address is in the spot you are hunting, you are clearly not spoofing. if you IP says you are in california, but you are hunting in florida, that’s where there’s an issue.