Hi @Helopelo I am a non vip. Have been playing for awhile… I have most of the Dino’s in the park except for a few… I thought about joining the vip a couple times but never did it. Also, I’m at level 85. So you can get there as a non vip it just takes a lot longer. Which is cool with me since I’m in no rush to get to the end. Whatever that is to different people. I love playing the game and do so on a daily basis.

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I’m a VIP and of course I like tha advantages of being a VIP. But my main motivation is most probably very unusual and old fashioned.
I could play this game without paying for it, without viewing any ads and still have fun. But I would feel uncomfortable if I use a game so extensive as I do, without paying any contribution to all the guys who put so much effort in creating it.
The price for a VIP membership is fair for a game I use one hour, or more, per day.


@Tommi I agree, a subscription to a game seems reasonable. On rare occasions I have paid for a discounted bundle, but once again it’s a product and they have employees, so supporting their work is a good thing to do in my opinion.


Without vip here, I have been playing since October 2019 and now I am level 77 and I can reach dominating league in the tournaments, but of course in its lowest zone.

If you take good care of your resources and understand the mechanical battles you can move forward without problem little by little without having to be vip.

Level 85 for a long time seems like.

Pretty much always agree with @Tommi and no exception here. I’ve been playing for4.5-5 years now and did not pay for anything up until last May/June sometime. Only switched to VIP for 2 reasons - 1) Wuerhosaurus VIP tournament and it was one of the last few dino’s I didn’t have and 2) @Tommi and @Sionsith brought up the argument listed above - that I get way more than $10/month enjoyment out of the game so I feel good about supporting the company and its employees. If you’re patient and enjoy the game as it is currently, you don’t need to be a VIP. I do see with newer members on the forum though that the VIP membership does seem to speed things up a ton compared with what my progress was initially like.


Agree as well. I primarily paid for the membership, because as someone that has been a software author myself, I do believe in supporting a game that I like a lot and play constantly, and that money I know will help ensure that they do keep working on it. And it most definitely has been VERY beneficial to speeding up my game considerably through the first year. You do to some degree get out of it what you put in… the more you play, the more benefit from it you get.

My only caveat was that I was NOT happy about doing the yearly membership, as there have been times I felt Ludia did NOT deserve to get those funds, when they were trying to take away our benefits, or leaving bugs unfixed. If you only do month-to-month you don’t have to feel like you are throwing a lot of money away if for any reason you want to walk away from the game, or at least drop the membership, because Ludia is doing (or not doing) something that you want to be able to vote with your feet about.

But as others here have indicated, it most definitely is possible to play the game without it and still be very successful. If money is a concern, this is, when compared to MOST freemium games, one of the better ones IMO to play without putting money into.


I’m currently new and I have just purchased VIP. I’m currently only level 14 and still learning, but I’m pretty much at a stand still now.

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Welcome, continue plugging away. This game takes patience. Be conservative and intentional with resources, but most importantly have fun, setting your own goals.


Thanks. I’m finding the battles difficult at the minute.

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Look for a topic about VIP. I think the title is :Begginner tips for vip .
It was many useful informations and tips for vip

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Can’t seem to find that topic.

Just started VIP, any tips?

Sorry, this is the title.just press that


Also if you are struggling with any one event or item feel free to post screen shots to the forum and the community will do our best to help / give pointers / advise on how we might approach the situation or scenario you are facing.


As a recent regular player to VIP player, run that DNA factory. Let it chug. Mark the 12hour window and make sure you can hit both ends.

I was so starved for DNA before VIP.

With the extra VIP events, my hatchery is super busy and the DNA starts to pile up. A good problem over before where I was waiting for DNA an planning to only buy in discount windows.

And the standard, don’t over level a few dinos and unbalance your team.

Trade Harbor: do the 3 custom trades (over 1). Do the 3 refreshes too. All are helpful.

Lastly, MAKE SURE YOU ARE PLAYING THE LOTTERY! It is a few more points than the 10K gold pack, but you get WAY more in the end. This should be a top priority. It the lotto is kind, you come out WAY ahead.

Have fun with all of the events!


Im a non vip and i am doing pretty well i have a lv 30 irex and 5 lv 10 vip dinos.

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Yeah, this game is very playable as Non-VIP.

It just takes a little longer.


I have VIP so I can’t speak for this.

How long have you been playing?

1 1/2 years so far.