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I was wondering if any of your have a level 40 legendary VIP as I only get a VIP creature every month and I only have the highest level 20 Hainosaur not even a level 30 it’s just so sad and I come against level 40 VIP creatures which have 1000 attack and my best creature carnoraptor only have 900 attack

Having played for a total of almost two years as a non-VIP, I do not have any level 40 VIP creatures. I have about six level 30 VIP creatures. I can average about three VIP creature cards every two weeks (in other words, I can earn about 15000 loyalty points a week).

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So much loyalty points

I have some at 40 and others at over 30. The only reason they are not all at 40 is that I chose to keep them slightly lower for cool downs.

I had VIP for quite a long time until recently and I feel it would have taken forever to get them without VIP.

Posting teams. They are not balanced which was a mistake I made. I am playing catch up to try to balance.

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I’d estimate I play about ten PvP matches a day and collect three mystery packs a day. I do not complete the lottery. To give you an idea of how much play is required to get the 15,000 VIP points a week I make. That’s an estimate; I could make a little more or less.

I also get VIP points from the trade harbor (it’s my one daily trade: coins for loyalty points; I usually trade about 5 million coins for 250 VIP points) and from the social media links.

Try to have a Apatosaurus fossil in your market and trade this for VIP points. Buy one each day, place it in your park and then put it in your market.
It costs only a little more than 1mio coins and the trade will give you between 270 and 350 VIP points.


Thanks but I usually trade it for bux in the custom trade but now I can’t I now know what to do doing it now

I’d trade it for loyalty points. After dinobucks, I’d consider loyalty points the most valuable currency available.


How you get VIP points from social media? I missed this feature in the game, lol

Thanks for explaining HanSoloWB

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I do it in Twitter.
Enter the news, select ‘Follow us on Twitter’, select claim your reward, go back to the game and you will receive between 10 and 50 loyalty points per day, once a week dinobucks.

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Thanks for the info!!!

What @Tommi said. You can get points/dinobucks about everyday on Facebook or Twitter. You have to click the link on the same device that has JW:TG. It should load the game with a nice prize when you first get in. Unless the link has expired (they last maybe 12-20 hours), in which case it’ll tell you the link is too old.

It all adds up.