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NonHybrid Legendary

Ok so my idea/ suggestion is as follows giganotosaurus as a legendary dinosaur in the game but you can only get it from events and battle incubators.

Stats would be as follows at level 30
Health 5900
Damage 2200
Speed 110
Critical Chance 30%
Armor 0%

Defence shattering strike
Superiority impact (cool down 2)
Defense shattering rampage (delay 1)(cool down 1)
Hyperaggression (heal 25%, +50% damage, +25% damage taken)(cool down 2)
Swap in distraction ( 50% for 2 turns)

I feel as though with these stats and moves it would be balanced and fair and the swap in distraction would be a nice touch to somewhat balance with dracoceratops swap in ability so this should be implemented throughout the game in several more dinosaurs as well not to mention the dinosaur mentioned above having as rare of dna as it would would be sure to not have an overpowering presence in the game.


I like the idea of non hybrids in the higher arenas

That Hyperaggression move is crazy. Even if you swap in distraction then use the hyper aggression, a cleansing impact would wreck your face.

I’ve been told that 25% damage increase would be more balanced

This thing is a super Apto. We will need to nerf it prior to release, maybe twice.

Honestly though this game needs a high end tank. Not sure about this one but it needs one. Being faster than chompers meant to kill it is probably no bueno.

Honestly I know it’s fast and all but if it’s going to be a counter for dracoceratops it has to be faster than it is or it doesn’t get it’s damage through but I have been thinking maybe instead of swap in distraction it has a passive that distracts other when they swap in but only on swap in