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Nonhybrid Tier List 2.6

It’s been a while since creatures were released and not too long ago we got 5 newbies, 4 of them nonhybrids. Unfortunately, they’re as useful as a used tissue (except for one) in pvp. For basically exclusive epics I expected a bit more, but lousy seems to be the trend for new releases as of late. Now, lets get into the list. Also, I have a new format that looks so much neater because I found out this tier maker exists, although it lacks the newest 2.6 arrivals, so they don’t look as pretty on here. But it beats the old format for sure.
Now, for the new creatures. They all suck, except rinchenia and Tsintaosaurus (if raids are taken into account). Lets start on the best of the bunch.
Rinchenia is like oviraptor with the strong devious strike but works like the best nonhybrid cunning in the game I feel: Ornithomimus. Notice how rinchenia doesn’t pass ornith? That’s because there are some glaring issues. I’m gonna compare it to ornith a lot as they fill the same role. And there is one thing rinchenia does better than ornith: Turn 1. Rinchenia is able to dodge for 2 attacks and distract while also raising its crit chance turn 1, which is really good when you can rampage and crit at 40%. After that though, ornith pulls ahead. Better speed, attack, priority move, hp, and immunities. And as a swapper, it’s really bad that rinchenia lacks a pin immunity. Even though it usually can deal with pinners, that can still be a big issue. It also has a tendency to get 1-shot by creatures like erlikosaurus and smilodon. Rinchenia is good, but it isn’t too special at the end of the day.
Stegoceras falls in the tier below, and even there it is on the lower end. Why? It’s a slow cunning with lackluster stats in general. It does have a decent turn 1 followed by instant charge to make up for the speed, but after that it doesn’t have much else that can help it. It’s a good closer but it isn’t that great, especially being a cunning. It’s pretty sad when you’re a cunning that can lose and is outsped by a chomper like marsupial lion.
Tsintaosaurus is up next and while it has some decent raid viability, it is a standard lousy hadrosaur in pvp and as you’d expect falls low. It does have some decent output, immunities, and stats, but it’s a hadrosaur. It isn’t going to place very high.
I saved the worst for last. The creature who has a sloppy kit, bad stats, and has no real place in either the pvp or raid meta: Struthiomimus. This guy stinks. It has terrible speed, a terrible moveset, mediocre hp and attack, and actually decent immunities. The kit is poor with evasive strike and cunning rampage being the only usable moves as group distraction is rarely used in pvp. And it’ll be outsped by everything and slowed down and easily eaten away at. Stuthiomimus needs a buff, because it’s a flop.

Other than that not too much has changed. I’ve been playing around with more of these creatures and seeing what their strengths and weaknesses are and adjusting them accordingly. If you have any questions just ask, and I hope this helps everyone or anyone.


Agree with everything

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