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NONHYBRID Tier List for 2.0

As many people know, many are beginning to get tired with the game, and I am beginning to get tired as well on some days. I thought of maybe going nonhybrid and trying to make a team of nonhybrids as I have some rares and epics past level 25. And with tournaments being a thing as well, I decided to make a tier list of the nonhybrids of 2.0. This List takes 2 things into account:

  1. How well does a creature perform against everything. How well would a triceratops do in the gyrosphere depot?
  2. How well they do against each other. While some creatures like Nasutoceratops may not fare too well in the arena, they are beastly in CRE nonhybrid tournaments.
    Boosts are (almost always) not taken into account. While boosts are a major part of the game, they affect very few creatures in general (the only real creature whose placement it really affected was carnotaurus being bumped up a bit)
    There are also 6 creatures missing (Irritator, Ouranosaurus, Tenontosaurus, Parasaur, Iguanodon, and Edmontosaurus) These creatures are really only used for co-op, so I decided to leave them out.

UPDATE: baryonyx has been moved down. I thought it still had access to Ready to Crush. Moved down to mid Apex


Forgot to mention that Marsupial Lion is the best and Anky gen 2 is the worst

Why is koolasuchus gen 2 better than gen 1?

Brachi is basically a straight up upgrade over giraffatitan IMO, even without the swap in slow.

The reason why brachi is lower is due to the delay on resilient rampage. I was temped to move diplodocus down as well, but it’s damage was just too good.
Another reason is that it has taunting bellow which is a priority move that slows and shields, and I feel priority moves are extremely beneficial. That and the swap in slow is why I put it above brachi

It was still very close and brachi is probably the best in it’s tier, but I just feel that it doesn’t perform as well

Koola gen 1 has horrendous output compared to gen 2

Me: why is nausto so high it just trash like the other ceratopsians; low attack and low heal…

sees it got 4,800 hp


My question now is why the heck does the rare ceratopsian have more health then ALL OTHER CERATOPSIANS including the hybrids!?


1 word


Me: 1 word

Dinocrap (lol not you of course😅)

There is no reason there should be a gigantic leap in health difference between a legendary super-hybrid and a rare exclusive

Same problem with dracorex 1 like 4,800 hp? Why? It’s a
Like, ugh ludia!!!


theres also Incompetence

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And while I gotta say Lion is strong…it’s not tyrant…not real tho. Especially with cunning, the lower hp, and rending resistance it’s just not that hard to deal with.

Well its ludia, comes with the product

Why is wholly rhino up there

And can you do one for epic and rare hybrids and legendary on their own

1.5k swap in armor piercing stun, shields, Resillient impact, invincibility. I mean it good but I have to agree maybe not tyrant

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only thing that kills brachi in that whole list is lion and allog2, he kills everything else given some luck with his 30 % crit (or trade if you bleed him I guess).

His shield has 100 % uptime versus non shield breakers. Couple that with his immunity to slows and 67 % to stuns/swap, he is very strong. Most reliable way to kill him is too bleed him, but then you just swap him out versus a bleeder (almost swap immune) and bring him back afterwards.

He was such a sleeper in the last skill tournament.

Trex: am I a joke to you?

Also secodonto can too, with luck and predictions

True, rex and secodon kill him but rex is basically a free kill after hes done with him, secondo left with very little hp !

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Also at this point, yes, Trex is a joke to me sadly as there is no point in taking him over Allog2 in any kind of tournament ! haha

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