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NONHYBRID Tier List for 2.0

I think dracorex gen 2 should be apex mid it is very useful compared to people like dilopho

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It does beat mortem though

Dilo is actually a sleeper nonhybrid. Really bulky and amazing with damage output.

Bleeders like spino and scaph also do the trick. I’m saying it’s probably the best in the tier and could move up, but the low damage and delayed rampage held it back

Why is Nasutoceratops ranked above DRex?

I will try. I know it doesn’t look pretty like @Piere87 's tier list, but it still took a while to make. I would probably rank the legendaries as you frankly don’t have a big enough pool

It works so well for what it is. It’s got decent attack for a creature with swap in stunning strike, massive bulk, and an immunity to swap prevention. This guy on the field also has the ability to bully marsupial lion and allo gen 2 into submission as well. It is the best nonhybrid ceratopsian. Rex is good, but it’s just too slow to really get stuff done, and with a strategy of “hit hard”, it doesn’t get you far

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I can see why. Great list. Tho ML isn’t the best in tournaments. Arena sure, but I’d say wooly rhino in the best in non hybrid skill

Actually it is probably as this takes both the arena and CRE skill tournament into account. Marsupial Lion kills maxima, tryko, and mortem rex, probably the 3 best in the game. It also kills anything that can’t distract or resist rend, and in a tanky meta, cunning falls to the sideline and lion takes over

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Probably because it lacks dig in

Oh I didn’t take account in arena :sweat_smile:

1.5k swap is absolutely devastating. Finishes off a lot of dinos at near half health while preserving your own dinos. Even then, it has a T1 2250 to deal after swap in. Imo it is absolutely tyrant for non hybrids.

It’s still probably #3 just because it doesn’t perform as well in the arena as the other 2, but it’s not like it’s far behind

That’s the highest set amount of damage done by a swap-in creature in the game, and this thing was a staple in the last skill tournament. I’m not surprised it it’ll show up for the epic legendary skill either because of the damage output

Very good list! I would raise Brachio to low tyrant, but that’s already been debated.

It’s in the middle pretty much. It could be either

It’s an example of the stupid exclusive=stronger logic. It always destroyed skill tournaments. Poor Trice and Einia are the victims in rare skill tourneys

Enia was also very good in the rare tournament last month, and I’m pretty sure people are gonna run both trike and nasuto

Kapro reached Beta, but can leave a smaxima or tryko without 50% or more of its health lol.

Sorry @Detonatress, I’m afraid nundasuchus is probably better than posta and kapro. The 2 rares need some love and they need to fix group ferocity to be 3 turns