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Nonhybrid Tier List for 2.1

2.1 is upon us, and the class most changed were cunning creatures. There were 2 nerfs to 2 cunning creatures (both nonhybrids) while many got buffed. Also, one of the big three has fallen and an old face returns to the top of the tier list. Just like last time, this takes the whole roster as well as just the nonhybrids into account at the same time. Boosts pretty much do not matter in the rankings. So, here is my 2.1 Nonhybrid tier list:
image image image image

Now here are some of the changes that occurred from 2.0 to 2.1:
The new guys (including Acro): These new creatures are actually kinda strong. Doedicurus is kinda like the turtles, but with a good rampage on turn 2. It has good HP and decent attack for a tank like it. Next is eremotherium. This creature is kinda a better phor, whether it has a counter or is immune to decel. It is a little frail, but it can spam camo and use that counter to its advantage. Finally is sonorasaurus. With access to resilient counter, this thing is usually going to go first and is like 2.0 tryko and a turtle in one package. A special guest star appeared in the long-awaited Acrocanthosaurus. Acro is similar to allo gen 2, and while it doesn’t have the speed, it does have the hp to fight diplo, as well as a rampage which belongs on a creature like this. Both acro and allo are better than rex. (apologies about the acro image as I couldn’t find an icon for acro. Also, this is based off the known stats and moveset. It can change by 2.2)
Allo gen 2: With the loss of 600 hp, this creature fell 2 tiers. While it may seem like a lot, with so many cunning creatures getting 1500 attack while boasting a rampage and strike, it’s dead in 2. The same goes with diplodocus. It is probably tied with acro and draco as the top of its tier, but it doesn’t get to advance.
Brachiosaurus: Last time I put brachi a tier lower, but with diplodocus rising back to the top, brachi is one of the best ways to take it on. It was on the cusp, and I feel that she fell to the other side.
Diplodocus: Diplodocus is much better with allo gen 2 out of the picture, and I don’t think anyone would dispute its placement
Elasmotherium: After some testing and after everyone got a better feel for how shields work, elasmotherium rose a tier due to its armor and shielding abilities as well as the fact that it counters diplodocus as well as many other tanks like giraffatitan wile shredding cunning creatures.
Edaphosaurus: Edaphosaurus has proved its worth after this tournament to move up a tier. Seco is still a better option to go with as it doesn’t require the setup.
Spino gen 2: Spino gen2 has cleansing strike to help with cunning creatures, and after this tournament, I think it stands apart from gen1 to move up
Pyroraptor: After gaining 450 hp, pyro has more than 3000 hp, which is crucial for any creature as this is a deadly number to be under. It’s very similar to smilodon.
Kelenken: Kelenken now has 1700 attack. If you set up, whatever comes in is pretty much losing half their hp unless they have over 40% armor. If it’s set up, creatures like smilodon, alloraptor, or erlidom are dead in one go.
The barys: Both barys are nice, but suffer major problems. Bary needs a turn to get group takedown, which is basically a worse RTC, while bary gen 2’s multiplier doesn’t really do too much with RTC. If Bary gen 1 got RTC, it would go up 2 tiers.
Blue: What was Ludia thinking when they ruined poor Blue. Slashing her hp while taking away short defense? At least let her keep the armor. Dodge impact would be nice if everything didn’t have resilient moves. Blue’s damage is not the best either. This is a creature that needs some love.
Nundasuchus: Nundasuchus is a very silent killer. Able to kill creatures like secondontosaurus, miasaura, and the turtles, nundasuchus is a creature that works unlike its rare counterparts. In order to reach nundasuchus, kapro and posto need an extra turn of ferocity.
Diplocalus gen 2: After the buff it got, I felt it deserved to move up.
Archaeotherium: This creature dropped because I realized it doesn’t work. It has a nice crit, but in order to do some decent damage, it needs to buff the opponent. The opponent usually gets a bigger reward in the end. And with poor hp to back it up, it just fails to work.


Wish elasmotherium was epic to fight diplodocus

While it isn’t broken, I think diplodocus should have have 1450 attack so that Allo, acro, and rex will now win

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I agree. But Acro wouldn’t win 100% though.

Maybe for diplodocus, give it 1450 attack, but 102 speed so now acro wins

I do have a question. why is einia so high. The gamepress lists put it so low

Enia is pretty weak

Even if they just give it 1490 damage, many more creatures will be able to beat it

I`m sad about posto, he used to be so good with ferocious impact


Enia has Swap-in stunning strike, the best swap in in the game. That gives it a bunch of synergy. It also can regenerate and just swap back out only to swap back in. Trike gen 2 is better, but it should never be on par with something like majungasaurus

Agreed. I wouldn’t mind FEROCIOUS strike. But they gave it the group ferocity strike, which should be the same as ferocious. maybe still give the teammates 2 turns while user gets 3

GFS is basically a weak FS in PVP which sucks for posto. And it still has the same cooldown!

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that is why its so low. Nunda is just straight up better

I think that erilko g2 is better than g1, just because of a better distract ability

I mean sure, but it doesn’t mean it should move up a tier

It is better so the tier list should reflect it

Ok, but here’s the thing, you’re asking me to order everything, and ordering them is almost impossible. There are so many factors. That’s why tier lists exist. So now we can lump these guys together to say that they are better. Dracorex is better than spino gen 2, but it shouldn’t move up a tier because of that. Tarbo is worse than allo, but it shouldn’t be bumped down

Good Point

Not only that, It only lasts 2 turns! It needs to last at least 3 like the original ferocious strike
Most tall legged crocs were ruined and anything with ready to crush is better for raids. They all need a buff

And Group Ferocity is a abomination! A priority ready to crush with a one attack buff! What?