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Nonhybrid Tier list for 2.2

I think I can speak for everyone by saying that 2.2 caught us off guard. It hasn’t been a full month since the 2.1 patch notes came out and we’re already getting into 2.2. And, with 2.2 comes more creatures and creature changes. The three new creatures are all really good with 2 especially excelling for their rarities, while the third is still good, but nothing special. And while there were many creature changes, very few were really that big, with small touches at a creature’s hp and damage. As per usual, this list incorporates the classic common-epic creatures with no more than 3 moves, so no hybrid, superhybrid, or apex creatures will show up on this list (this list includes the Acrocanthosaurus we know of, which wasn’t added for some reason). This also takes into account the overall arena as well as the nonhybrids themselves. That being said, let’s dive in:
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There were a couple creatures that moved and also some new faces as well. Let’s start off with the new three.
First up is Troodon, the long awaited tiny terror. Unfortunately, while good, as an epic, it’s average. 130 speed is good with 2 rampages and a distraction, but it’s still not putting out as much damage as kelenken for example.

Next we have Glyptodon, who hasn’t been talked about for some reason, because this thing is powerful. It’s a common that’s killing creatures like erlikogamma and troodon. Pretty good, right? well, that’s nothing compared to the fact that is could go head-to-head with 2.1 phorasaura, current erlikospyx, and erlidom, and come out on top every time. SV with a rampage (resilient rampage at that) is just as good, if not better, than the turtle’s moveset because it denies the opponent to possibly cleanse turn 2. Even “counters” like both spinos perish. This thing is crazy good, and is probably the best common.

Finally, we have the big dog-pig-landwhale thing, Andrewsarchus. This guy is the new marsupial Lion. While not as bulky, it does have a better turn 1 and can get around that pesky thing called a rend resistance. And with no escape to make up for its low hp, it’s gonna deny ceratopsians and dracorex a chance to shine. And with a 40% crit, it’s unlikely to last 2 turns if you’re slower than this guy. And to top it off, it can cleanse, because why not?

For other creature changes, we start off with Alanqa, who I originally was gonna move down, but with the attack buff it got, I think it should stay where it is.

Allo gen 2 got a few more resistances, because it can. It’s now back with the big guys.

Speaking of big guys, Sonorasaurus and Giraffatitan both fell a tier. I was thinking about moving giraffititan down and was on the edge with sonorasaurus, and with the recent hp reduction to sonorasaurus, I felt it should be moved down too.

Moschops joins his friend scutasaurus after gaining a swap-in, which is always good, especially if you cannot be slowed yourself.

Both Bary gen 1 and Concavenator both got attack buffs, and they were significant enough to warrant them moving up.

Eucladoceros and Megaloceros have fallen because they are just too frail for the little output they do, so they have moved down.

Miragaia joined the deer and has been moved up due to the recent tournament putting its strength into better perspective. It’s been so long since a common tournament that just going off numbers is a lot harder than actual battle.

That’s really all. A lot of creatures got changes, but that really didn’t cause them to move because it wasn’t that big of a change. But, I hope this helps anyone with tournament teams, especially the CRE nonhybrid tournament.


Wow this is very useful! Did you make this?

Indeed I did, and plan to every update

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Dang, that armadilla is a beast

Glyptodon is the best common hands down

Haast eagle is hot garbage and should be in alpha or even beta

It’s the 132 speed and the fact that it still does well against every chomper. It doesn’t get much, but it does OK

Andrewsarchus is might a beast but about the design it’s awful ugh

It’s a face only a mother can love. Although it probably looked similar to that in real life. But don’t call it ugly while fighting it or it’ll 1-2 you

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I’d say edapho should move up a tier. Was already on most of the top teams last epic nonhybrid tourney, and the hp buff will only make it better. Possible case for scuto as well with the nice damage buff to go along with it’s tankiness

@Idgt902 and I were discussing this actually a bit back, and we agreed that it’s good, but suffers due to the fact that it needs the setup to really get some good output going when compared to secondonto. I was really temped to move scuto up, and he can really go either way, but I decided to hold him back

I just remember making the switch from seco to edapho and benefitting a ton. Even if edapho dies to something whatever kills it is in revenge zone whereas the same can’t be said for seco who is also easy to put in rhino zone. I’d agree that it would be close though for both

As much as I love this, You missed the epic ankylosaurus.

I forgot to mention that there are some creatures that I put as “raid exclusive”. Anky, Irritator, Parasaur, Iguanodon, tenonto, and edmonto I put in the “raid” category as most of their moveset is raid-oriented