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Nonhybrid tier list for 2.3

2.3 is here with some new nonhybrids. While they look very nice, like 2.3, they are not that special. There isn’t really one that stands out apart from antarctopelta and parasaur lux (but only because it’s a legendary). As per usual, this list only includes the nonhybrids barring the apexes as they are apexes and far above everything, and this list takes into account the nonhybrid meta and the overall meta. We also have our first legendary on the list as mentioned, but, spoiler, it ain’t that amazing. I have also put the raid creatures in here because why not? So, let’s jump into the list.

So, that’s the list. Let’s cover the newbies
Lets cover the biggest nonhybrid of 2.3, Parasaur Lux. It isn’t that great honestly. 2 moves with only 1200 isn’t that good. And its healing moves are great for raids, but not the arena. Do not use this. Use glyptodon. The only reason it’s this high is because it refuses to die with those heals.
Next is megistotherium. Like parasaur lux, it isn’t special. It’s basically a worse andrewsarchus by a lot. Most creatures slower than it have more than 3900 hp, and then it relies on a crit. It cannot kill 4500 creatures without 2 crits. I will say that a use for its poor swap-in move is to swap in on something like a diplodocus with half hp and then finish it off. But it isn’t special at all.
Moving on to the fastest creature of the bunch, gorgonops is pretty good. 132 speed puts it only second to haast eagle, and revenge rampage works on a speedy creature like this. Its lower damage does hold it back, but it is also not in the dangerous 3000 hp tier.
We then move on to the common creature, amphicyon. It doesn’t do well 1v1, but it is good for revenge-killing and getting a final kill. But it isn’t that special.
Finally, we move onto antacrtopelta, the best of the bunch. That revenge ferocity move is just a bad move in general, but antarctopelta works around this. It has the ability to deal a whopping 5250 in 2 turns, which is pretty impressive. But if it wants to go defensive, it still can deal 4500 in 2, which is an important damage tier. If it had ferocious strike, then this thing will be a monster. And with its decel resistance and counter, antarctopelta is usually going first. And the 10% crit is a nice little bonus.

Here are some creatures that have moved up compared to the last list and why
First up is eremotherium. He finally gained his decel immunity, so now superiority strike and decel strike are useless. And the extra bit of damage is a nice touch. This is also one of 2 commons that can beat an apex, as well as many other fierce creatures thanks to spamming camouflage.
Next is Acrocanthosaurus. Acro moves up because of that critical hp tier, which allows it to take 2 hits from creatures like titanoboa, diplodocus, and the mighty mammolania, who just 2-shot rex and allo gen 2. Also, bypassing distraction is important for this build of creature.
Scutosaurus follows acro up due to its outstanding bulk and decent output. With good immunities and a good moveset, this guy is built to last.
Finally, pyroraptor and troodon move up thanks to things they can do that many other creatures like it cannot. Pyro moves up thanks to its hp tier being above that dangerous 3000 mark. It also has Instant distraction to regain priority if needed. Troodon joins pyro thanks to its ability to deal massive damage in 2 turns thanks to its 2 rampages that can be cycled. Unlike ornith and kelenken, who are faster and match its damage, troodon can deal more turn 1 for a revenge kill and doesn’t rely on rng

That’s the 2.3 list. I am sorry about how late this is. I would’ve posted this sooner, but I needed to make sure Ludia didn’t screw up anything else before moving on. If you have any questions, please comment below


Where are the Apex creatures?


Dimorphodon being not the lowest tier? I’d never thought I’d see the day…

Dimorphodon is a bit of a kamikazee, but unlike something like archaeotherium, it can do some stuff

I stated that they are not on this list. They are pretty much superior to everything here, so having them in is pointless. I also put them as their own class. A nonhybrid for me is something you can go out and dart that isn’t a hybrid

I see then

I love how glyptodon is just vibing.

I would swap boa and andrew. Andrew has huge damage but is also pretty frail. Boa is faster than most fierce, can take on most chompers thanks to decently high crit rate, flat out beats most other fierces because of its speed and high damage, and is an instant game over if sent out late game.

I like keeping andrew up there because it just does so well with many top tiers like tryko and dio. Marsupial Lion is far superior, but andrew is above brachi and acro. As for boa, I was really tempted to move him up. Easily the best in his tier, but shields just shut it down. And it also struggles with creatures that are faster and immune to decel like lion. Boa falls in that grey area, but I decided to hold him back

I love little glyptodon. He’s one of my favorites not because of his design, but because he is such a monster it’s not even funny

Ludia needs to buff him more. Make him all-powerful

lord glyptodon

I would argue that Eremotherium could be low Apex with Velo and Allo (or even mid Apex) now that it has immunity to deceleration. I found it was pretty good in the rare/common skill tournament last month, and now it’s undoubtedly better. So as a common that can survive fairly well in rares, imo it should be higher.

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It is up in alpha for sure. With resilience being everywhere though and with the lower hp, I decided to hold it back. But do not underestimate it

I would say it fares better against resilients than Velociraptor. And less susceptible to swaps with the constant dodging (which can lead to better results against some fierce as well). But yeah unfortunately we are still in a very resilient centered meta.

Velociraptor is up there because it is able to just erase so many creatures from the game. After hadros, it has the best turn 1 and the 3rd best speed. And if it comes against a resilient, it will probably do more damage than the sloth. And the distraction immunity prevents ID

An amazing revenge killer yes. But ultimately it really only gets that 1 hit off most of the time unless you decide to keep swapping it out. Eremotherium can stay alive a long time unless faced with a relatively high damage resilient, and after turn 1, is the fastest creature in the game. Damage output can’t beat Velo but isn’t bad either with the counter.

Ultimately they have different roles and it depends on the player, just my opinion that Eremo is more useful, due to my experiences with it in the tournament, even before it got immune to decel.

I can see that. I was doing some common battles with my friends, and I just thought velo did better. But getting the sloth was always a great pull

That should be April fools 2021. Lord glyptodon. 100% armor and all distracting moves (immune to bleed). Lord Lythronax cowers before Lord Glyptodon

Dang, para lux sucks for how annoying it is to get