Nonhybrid tier list for 2.4

2.4 is here. Nothing THAT exciting when it comes to nonhybrids. Only 2 new creatures to add to the list. There were some slight adjustments in 3 creatures overall.

Let’s cover the new guys. Oviraptor is up first and, as the saying goes, first is the worst. While not bad, the stats let it down. That hp makes it get slaughtered by resilients and the output isn’t really there either. Devious strike is just a worse cautious strike with a bit of rng added. Overall, just another cunning that struggles in the resilient meta.

Now here comes a looker that’s for sure. Dakotaraptor is here and brings an interesting and unique kit to the table, and I am proud of Ludia for coming up with an interesting kit like this. The stuff is in place for this to be good, and in the end, it is. You have 3150 hp, just above that critical 3000 hp tier, a decent priority move to get you out of sticky situations (although ID would be better), and the double rampage like troodon. While it lacks the speed, it has the bulk, and thus sits firmly with it’s other epic raptor brethren.

After this, there is not much else to comment on. Ornithomimus moved up after playing around with it a bit more and stego and anky gen 2 swapped places. Otherwise nothing else changed. Nasutoceratops and Marsupial Lion are at the top while Phorusrachous and Archaeotherium come out near the bottom. If you have any questions, just let me know


i may need to start leveling some of these up for advantage tournaments.

also, seeing alanqua in low tyrant has got me confused. (at least for this list) what is it that gives her the edge?

It has 1200 attack and good hp with high speed. Solid stats and the fact that it can swap in, go invincibility, and wait out the pin. Lower end for sure, but better than the stuff below


Hey @MINMI , get over here

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Marsupial lion isn’t the best, lots of creatures have rend resistance, it’s not very fast, if the creature doesn’t have rend resistance and it has a distracting move marsupial does no damage.

It can easily beat most of the tyrannt creatures, with only Seco having Rend resistance

This list takes the overall meta and nonhybrids into account. many of those rend resistant creatures are beginning to phase out like mags and monolometrodon, while creatures like mammolania are gonna make a comeback. It also can take on more GP tyrants than indominus rex as well as ALL the creatures in this tyrant tier

Actually with the prowl bug, it can get seco into range of RT

True. However it’s kinda RNG with it.

Prowl is bugged to dodge 100%. It can in game now kill seco 90% of the time (RT needs a crit)

Oh. I didn’t realize that

Alanqa is one of the most underrated non-hybrids in the game. I personally would say it deserves a spot in tyrant-high for this tier list for its versatility and excellent performance at what it is designed to accomplish. In this document I will be covering three reasons in which why Alanqa is not some dumb bird, but instead a magnificent Phoenix (Alanqa means Phoenix) Reason ONE: This bird has some pretty decent stats. Boasting 4050 health & 1200 damage this creature might look like the classic tank designed creature. However the twist with this resilient bestiary is its speed. With a whooping 125 speed this is consider one of the fastest resilient creatures to date. However why does having a speed advantage make such a big deal to this bird well… This leads into reason TWO: With a cleverly designed swap in invincibility it will block the first incoming attack, but on the second turn it can access a priority rampage that deals 2400 damage to the attacker. You will obviously survive next turn due to the 4050 health, so if you haven’t been speed decreased you can either kill your opponent with a resilient strike, or if the Dino isn’t in striking distance to death you can always do an annoying long invincibility which gives you 100% defense for 2 turns letting you dish out another 2400 damage rampage next turn. However you might say this thing is going to be wrecked by any fierce creatures, and yes you are for the most part your right. However there is one fierce-some creature the alanqa wrecks, the Indominus Rex. Reason Three: It wrecks indominus rex. Now this hybrid isn’t as widespread as before, but is still a chilling nightmare of a creature to face once revenge cloak has been activated. The solution either swap in invincible and hope that the indominus rex doesn’t use strike, or just use resilient strike to damage and nullify its 2x multiplyer. Now with all these reasons said I am going to have to admit that I do have a little bias. I am a Alanqa user myself however I do the general community underestimates this pretty basic epic Creatures. Maybe this has changed your mind :slightly_smiling_face:

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These are the reasons why it is high, but there are things that prevent it from going higher. It just lacks output for one. It has great damage for sure, but it doesn’t have diplodocus output. It also lacks immunities and resistances. Again, very strong creature, I have mine at 25. But it just falls short. It also lacks the matchups that the other highs (barring rhino) have.

Yes. I am not saying it is on Marsupial Lion levels of power by any means. However I am just suggesting that this creature isn’t as weak as many people might stereotype it as.

Wait how is Elasmotherium in tyrant low?

That think is bulky as heck. It has also some pretty big damage. Can take on big guys like erlikospyx

@ElEduardo @MINMI
thanks. i’ve always thought of alanqa as basic and not particularly great. Guess thats why i don’t do balancing with creature stats. :sweat_smile: never realized she was the powerhouse that she is.

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Wow you learn something new everyday I guess. Seems like a budget Mammolania from the quick skim I looked over it.

So at a glance…

Andrew moving up is no surprise, with how similar yet more versatile it is compared to ML, I’m surprised it wasn’t high at inception.

Alan was odd, but I can see why it’s that high.

Seco seems a little off, with Diplod running rampant, it looks like it’s just there because of Rhino’s lackluster 1v1 after swap in

Antarco seems really high, is the RIF + Counter really that good?

I’m surprised Glypto isn’t Low Tyrant, what with Resil Meta and the sheer 1v1 potential

Other than that it looks perfect. Great job man

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It was always high I thought. Antarctopelta has crazy good output at over 5000 with decent bulk. Glypto only falls due to mediocre fierce and resilient matchups