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Noob help on Guilds

Ok, so what’s the deal with Guilds? I joined one, gave some gear but got kicked anyway. Is this a thing where you have to be around and constantly chatting or your out? I enjoy the game but I am no expert, nor do I have the bulk of my day to just hang out. Should I even bother to try and join another? I thought it would lead to helping new players and tournaments and stuff. Sorry if this is a dumb question.

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The main item in a guild is to have a high pvp score, as a guilds rank is based on total cumulative scores of all members.

Also chatting is ideal as it will show the guildmaster/officers u are active.

Sadly, the donations # is bugged atm, and does not correctly show peoples donations.

Ive personally donated several hundred, and my ticker still says 0 donations made.

And yea, not all people or guilds are chill, so feel them out.

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Start your own so you can’t be kicked. Don’t donate anything until you have maxed yourself.

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Welcome to the world of online gaming were you can be an awesome human, donate a lot, and some guild leader boots you because they don’t care about quality players, they only care about high scores.

You’ll find a cool relaxed guild soon enough. Until then don’t donate. Donation numbers are still broken, so, no one will get dropped for not donating right now.

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Sorry to hear you got kicked. Just look for another guild that meets your play style. Read some of the Guild intros in search to find something that is more up your ally. Every guild leader is going to be different in what they are looking for. It does help to pipe in every so often in chat so that people know you play. Few want inactive accounts in their guild since there is a member limit and it’s hard to tell whether someone is active.

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