Noob questions


Hi everyone, I have a few questions
First I want to apologise for my terrible english.
I have been playing this game for only a couple days.
My questions are:
Do rare Dinos respawn at the same spot all the time like a nest.
How often do they respawn ?
Twice I hunt that Triceratop at the exactly same spot… coïncidence ?
Also… does anyone have issues with GPS location, I many times am 100 mètres away from my current location

  1. Sometimes. If you notice multiple rares in the same spot you’ve found a hot spot.
  2. Like 20% of the time or something close.
  3. Maybe, could be a nest
  4. Yeah, my location is weird too.


I find it to be pretty random. Sometimes I notice it depends on the time of day. In my area there are a lot of raptors out at night. I’ve never noticed rates coming up in the exact same spot, or maybe I’m just not that observant…


I do feel like they respawn in certain spots BUT most of the time it is just random. Every epic i caught never was on the same location, yet. Rares kind of spawn in the same locations but once again also random.

A general respawn happens every hour it seems. For example; i’ve noticed dinosaurs ‘spawn’ in at xx:03 but once again; especially rares+ and such still remain somewhat random and spawn after or before this time. Just ‘a big chunck of dinosaurs’ seem to spawn during this time. Perhaps every spawn has a fixed timer not compmetely sure.

Most likely coincidence but i also cant deny certain spots seem to spawn more rares / epics on a regular basis than others. I definitely started checking out numerous of those spots to investigate it even further.

Nokia 6.1 2018 no gps issues
Offcourse at times it is slightly bugged and flickers between random locations im not and returns to my current location again in a couple of seconds. I believe this is considered normal - the GPS is sometimes bugged and flickers from one location to an other - but this does not happen on a regular basis, very occasionally.