NoobRaiders is recruiting

Hello! NoobRaiders is looking for strong players to grow with us. Looking for active players who use discord and do their tournament takedowns. Let me know if you have questions or would like to join!

Hello. I am.from Brazil. Tell about your options.

Sorry I don’t quite understand what you mean by my options

A friend and I want to move from our league to a stronger league. Do you have a league or are you thinking of creating one? Know someone else willing to participate? Here it’s hard to bring 4 strong players together so we can do battles against the Apex! We created a channel on Discord where we can communicate in real time and share the tables/strategies we can to win battles and raise the level of our dinosaurs. That’s what I wanted to know/talk about.

Yes I have an alliance, can you see the picture I posted? Hopefully you can, it should give you an idea of our level. We have some members who can help with apex raids and adding a few more would be amazing. I have 5200 trophies. Our alliance uses discord, so would you and your friend be able to join our discord server? Maybe you can add me and we can talk there. kingbradshaw23#2592

I acept your invite from discord. We Will talk for there… Please, acept me. Rplendore.

Sorry I don’t see a friend request

Could you maybe tell me your discord and I’ll add you?

December 24

Could you maybe tell me your discord and I’ll add you?