So I just realized today that Lethal Wound now has a cool down of 2 turns instead of 1.

Uuugh how am I gonna quickly destroy the Suropods now? Or Stegod?

I mean… Who suggested this cooldown? I guess I’m gonna have to deal with the nerf :persevere:

Its says its 2, but its actually 1. Been like that since launch.

The tool tip has read 2 turns for like 4 months it was only a matter of time before it was fixed but if you must blame someone blame the person who made a thread about the tool tip and the cool down not being the same… mods directed them too email support… cpl weeks later its fixed after being like that for months.

Its fixed now… 2 turn cool down.

Ah, its still not that big of a deal. Its for 3 turns which is more than long enough to bleed a tank.