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Normal, Rare, Epic Dino Eggs


I haven’t seen any suggestions for the idea, although I may be wrong. I thought it would be a great idea to add eggs into the game.

This would give players the ability to find eggs, walk specific distances, and hatch for randomized dna.

I think if you add different rarity eggs or group specific eggs with distances on them the gameplay would improve even more. It allows on instore items as well. Just a thought

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Then people ride buses.

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would be good but unlike pogo JWA doesn’t have a speed limit ingame and I hope it stays like this :slight_smile: and with this people could just cheat the system so easily

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I definitely see where you are coming from… even riding a bus essentially helps keep the local public transportation up! Always ways to do things, but it is an idea that needs more work, but if able to implement in a fair/balanced way, it would be a way to give more content to players, while simultaneously adding possible in game store content to help fund future content, as well as possibly helping local businesses.


Also it would open the game to a wide variety of new/future in game content/events/ ect…


You don’t need eggs for it. With a speed limiter, I think it would be fine for players to walk or cycle around and speed up incubators.

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We don’t need eggs for random Dino bits… We already have them.

They are called random spawns and incubator


Eggs add a different way to play and more content. I see where you are coming from, but I don’t think you are grasping the concept fully.


Naw I grasp it I don’t like it. As if causes more changes (potential bugs) and more things to load… Extra complications like what happens when you get duplicate Dino’s? How much DNA does a full Dino equal? And if your gonna get a random shot of DNA then what’s the difference from an incubator?

Why add complexity to just remake what’s already there?


Sorry, I didn’t mean to come off as ignorant as I sounded. Essentially I was thinking it would be like the pogo concept but different. You can make all kinds of eggs, but you would have to walk or whatever to hatch them. It’s just an idea and seeing as how the game is enjoyable and more and more dinos come out, it would be nice to, say, get a say immune egg that depending on the rarity would pop out specific types of DNA after you walk a specific distance. It had the potential to work well with dino incense. It’s obviously a base idea that can be customized and fitted for best gameplay, but it can help to reign in new types of content. It’s not perfect and has flaws, but most things do


Again I say o get your idea I just don’t like it. And don’t think it’s needed in this game. This isn’t a fitness Ap. This is a game. It uses GPS to let you move your character rather than a joy stick.

Already there is severe problems with GPS bug errors glitches and intentional misuse… And your talking about adding another layer of complexity on to it. That only benefits a small amount of people… With redundancy… Since there is a"ready a gotcha system in place"