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Normal scent

I wonder why you could not save up till 4 or 5 ?
We can get them with supply drops, special event drops , free incubators and sometimes with scent arenas.
And I save them for or evening or special places so I receive an scent if there are 2 in stock and it’s gone forever… and that is sad.
Please more room for normal scents… you can also buy 5 in store, so make it 5


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Its a minor thing given the current state of the game but I agree 5 would be nice; hate to think how many I have lost as there was no room.

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Probably over 500 lol. There shouldn’t be a limit. I say 20 would be good tbh.

I think 3 should be minimum allowed not 2. I say this because you get 1 free from orange supply drop, 1 free from green event supply drop, 1 free from free incubator. So many times i’ve lost one because i’ve got the supply drop ones, and keep them until the evening, but then get one from the free incubator.

What is the reasoning behind the limit? I also wondered what the reason was behind the dna limits collected too, to me the limits serve no purpose.

And when you buy them from the shop, they come in packs of 5… go figure…