Normal to fight opponents higher than you?

Averaging opponents 100-500 trophies higher than me. Opponents dinos are often FIVE levels higher than mine. This the new normal? Used to fight even trophies or within 100 trophies only.

I think they changed it last patch (1.4ish) to allow within 350-450 or something.

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I personally don’t like it, but this is like that at the moment.


I see why they did it. Less queue times is nice. But man I’d love to be the one on the higher trophy side for once lol

Last 30 matches plus have all been opponents in the 3100 range with 3-5 legendaries vs my 2 legendaries and they are just keeping me in the 2700 range perma.

It’s my plateau until I can get the intense time farming in to get other legendaries

I will say though, I’m not dropping below 2700 which means I’m holding my own against these superior teams. I constantly bounce between 2700-3000 and even though the wins are few and far between they are hard fought as an underdog. So that’s the bright side!

Losing helps build strategy! :t_rex::sauropod:

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Wait till you meet someone who is at your trophy range farming specific dna who is ready to go up again.

Mmm I don’t agree on this, cause yes you have to wait less on the short term, but then if you need to make 12 battles to fill 4 incubators you haven’t saved so much time, also being frustrated to keep loosing trophies is not a great thing at all…

I think its normal its hard but you could learn about battle. I am not afraid eventhough my opponent higher than my rank and my dinos.

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Now I have s lot of friends from badland until lockwood estate
Thanks for all my friend give me a lot of information about the battle and best dinos.

I have been outplayed by players both lower level and with lower level dinosaurs because they were either better then me, or had RNG on their side!

It happens =/. Nobody is unbeatable so remember that! What might appear to be a certain loss may turn into a win with the right tactics and a few crits and/or dodges thrown in!