Norway Bundle in the store problem

Anyone else tried to purchase it but failed? It was 23,99 euros and after purchase there was a message the item is not available. My credit card was charged but I got no cash, coins or incubator. I already contacted support.

“CELEBRATE NORWAY!” was the item called, 250000 coins, 15000 cash, 500 Cervalces DNA and incubator.

It was a bug that helped players so they fixed it as fast as possible


Hey @Orkeva, thank you for contacting support! The team was notified of the issue this morning and support is working on fixing it for everyone who had a problem with their purchase.

This is true. I’m in contact with support now and just sent them my screenshot.

I’ll check back in a little later to let you know if Ludia have honored the purchase.

(Disclaimer: I never buy bundles but this one was such a crazy deal. Should’ve known it was a mistake. Haha.)

15000 k cash , 250.000 coin , epic inc and 45.000 coin again for 20.- was the best deal ever I think :crazy_face:


And that is the reason ludia “fixed” it in no time :smiley:


Why not fix the bugs in the game as fast as you fix this glitch that actually helped players?


I bought it twice, got this message but no hc or anything else.

Who do i contact about this?


Here is my bank statement, it charged twice.

Hey @Ericoooo, you can send an email to along with your support key and we can look into it for you.


Thankyou so much!:sunny:

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Bugs are a little more complicated than a simple market product.

Just an update to my earlier post, Ludia followed up and made it right with my purchase. They said to expect my bundles in the next 1-2 business days.

I was able to provide the required screenshot (and had some others as well if necessary) which helped massively.

Good luck to all with the same issue.

I’m feeling so disappointed since I’m paying to play regularly and didn’t get this great offer as it was available in the market less than an hour, more than half of my alliance members got the deal. How is that fair to others who weren’t able to purchase the pack?