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Yoy guys remember when that game was good ?

Decent exp requirement :unknown-1

Remember these ?

Didn’t had to pay gold to get in challenge.

There was as many floor as you can get to, difficulty was increasing with your progress, the more you was able to get in, the better the chest you was able to get.

The chest system was way better than the current reward system…

Ahhh ! Those good old days…

Sorry, feeling nostalgic about a game i used to know.

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What’s the 15-16 XP requirement now?

Agreed about the chest system. The rewards were still relatively small, but not to the point they are now. At least there was something to look forward to back then… you knew that eventually you’d get a chest full of rares or a couple epics. Nothing is more disheartening than paying to grind a dungeon for 25 minutes to get 30 copies of the warlock common weapon that you’ll never ever ever use.

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12 to 13 : 70k xp
13 to 14 : 92.5k xp
14 to 15 : 115k xp
15 to 16 : 140k xp