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Not a glitch


Is there any way to report someone for cheating? There’s no way this was a glitch because it happened twice but I played someone who’s Tyrannosaurus Rex went first even though my dinosaur was faster a few minutes later I played the same player again in the same thing. He put his Tyrannosaurus Rex out against a faster dinosaur but his Tyrannosaurus Rex went first also happened to critical four straight attacks


What dino were you using?


Thre is no way to “hack” the speed of a dino. Sometimes the game shows that youre faster but you are not


1st game, his trex (102 spd) comes out against me stegocerotops (115 spd) and attacks 1st. I brought my monostegotops out (117 spd) and he attacked 1st again. I fought him 2 games later, same deal, Im up 2 kills to 1. Brings his rex out against my stegodeus (107 spd) and attacks 1st then I bring my gorga out and he attacks 1st again… All of those rex hits were critical as well.


Not the case here. 2 different games, same player. His trex went 1st and critical hit every round.


when you brought your monoestegotops out, your previous dino was killed? Or were you swapping?


Killed (by his rex the prev round) it was not slowed and his rex did not get a free shot from a swap, it nust went 1st and hit a crit


Really strange… But as i say there is no way to hack the speed of a dino. But so strange LOL