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Not able to Chat?

I know clans LITERALLY just came out, but I’m posting this here so the devs know. @Marcus, I’m not able to chat in the clan for some reason. It comes up really quick and then goes away really quick.

What is the name of your clan?

Myriad of Furies

I can not find your clan add me, Julien 1991 # 0019

Hello, that is very unfortunate to hear! If you are still unable to chat, please contact our support team at using “Google/iTunes Review” as your title along with your support key. Include as much information about the problem as you can and we will do our best to help you!

so it should be Working? I cant acces Chat Too.

Hello I have several Bugs to Report.

  1. I cant acces Clan Chat.
  2. I cant rename my character.
  3. All Clans and members got the same Name.
    4Screenshot_20190417-002218 . I just could join a Clan without any permission from anyone. (dont know if this is intended)

Are the Bugs fixed who Einarson wrote? Or gives a way to fix the Bugs? A friend have the same Bugs

Uh, your clan seems Bugged, no offense.