Not able to fuse legendaries tank busters, so better an overlevelled Allosauro or Tarbosauro?

Just a thought, as I see many of you are using an overlevelled allosauro to do great things in high Sorna Marshes - early Jurassic Ruins, having no chance to hunt Sinoceratopo: why using Allosauro lev 20 or higher, wasting dna for a future super hibrid like allosinosauro, instead of overlevelling Tarbosauro who don’t have an hybrid?
They both have identic moveset, almost same dmg. Allo is healthier but Tarbo has a high probability of doing crits… What do you think about it?

Ps this is my collection so far

Because allo dna is easier to come by. It’s an L3 local anytime spawn which is where I live :slight_smile: And it’s not just early Jurassic ruins my allo and I are 4700 :grin:


If you have a reliable income of Tarbosaurus DNA she is a monster. Better than Allosaurus because of the doubled crit chance.

@Tarbosaurus used to have one on his team. A level 27 if I remember correctly. He can probably tell more reliably how good she is.

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Probably is better but I don’t even think I could level it past 13 unless I went to live in the park. :joy:

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allo isn’t bad due to the recent spawn infestation. but, i’d level this other one you already have instead…



Probably I could level mine up to level 19-20, like my current lowest level teammembers.

I see an oddly lot of her in zone L4 despite it being a park creature. So yeah… Probably it is due to me living in a rear city position, but maybe that is where they spawn more, so maybe you could check that out… If you wanted to level yours up, that is.

EDIT: I mean I see a lot of her on “grey ground” instead of green ground (Park) in L4. Dunno why that is.

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See? Just as I mentioned two of the motherlovers beside eachother in a nonpark area in L4.

Yes I live in L4 as well and now I can easilly farm Tarbo, seen that Allo is moved away. But now I can level Allo to 22 (not taking into consideration coins :sob: ), Tarbo for now just to lev 17 but it is like that seen I am not darting her a lot…

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Tarbosaurus is one of those dinosaurs I religiously dart over anything else if it is not a rare rare or an epic. I do that with Tarbosaurus, T. Rex and T. Rex Gen 2. Also Lythronax and Gorgosaurus.

I’m a sucker for Tyrannosaurids, so if I see one I dart it. Same applies to Giganotosaurids like Concavenator (sadly there is only Conca for now) and Abelisaurids (Majungasaurus, Carnotaurus and Rajasaurus).

I just have an Infinitite love towards giant apex bully theropods, so I want to level them up as much as I can :sweat_smile::t_rex:

When there’s stegodeus on the battlefield who you gonna call! Tankbusters! Their’s a Monosteg sleeping in your bed who you gonna call Tankbusters! I ain’t fraid of no Tanks!


I decided to go with Allo. Easy to overlevel, and does a decent job against a lot of the dinos he encounters. Also I like his HP which make him able to take a few strikes.

I am working on his replacement though, but I don’t see him leaving the team any time soon.


level 30 stats?

Here you go!

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That’s a lotta damage!!!

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That’s goals right there.

I’ve considered working towards this, mine is a 20 with 64000 just sitting there. That would surprise a few folks in lower ruins lol!

Congrats btw!!

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Allosaurus has gotten me out of a few sticky situations. Used to see them all over the map until they went elsewhere.

Meanwhile, my tarbosaurus is at the bottom of my collection at level 3. I see one at work every so often, along with a euplocephalus that taunts me.

He went from L4 to L3. :frowning: I was very frustrated when that happen, but luckily the Halloween event had him on there, and I scent spammed him from 26 to 30 over that event! Was a grind and a half :s

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The only reason I hesitate is because he doesn’t seem to fair well in friendly battles. Level 26 I would think to see more damage. The opponents all being 26 as well isn’t equal to what would happen to a 16-20 though. I hope that made sense…

It does, she is only decent when she is over leveled, and don’t get me wrong, I do love her critting a whole bunch. She is good up until you can replace her. Worth the grind just to have a decent tank buster on your team. The legendary tank busters, and some of the epic ones are not as good as I would want them, and are far more of a pain to get.