Not able to match

I put this in help & support weeks ago, but it hasn’t been addressed. I am unable to match with Cain Angelus or Oliver Black. I swipe right every time they come up, but it doesnt do anything, as if i has swiped left instead.

I don’t think Cain’s story is available yet. As for Oliver have you chatted with his counterpart?

If Cain isn’t available, why does it let me swipe him at all?
And who is the counterpart?

There are several characters with unavailable storylines.

Stefan Silver.

If you’ve already responded to the counterpart, you won’t be able to match with the other character. If not, just keep trying to match.

Why show characters you aren’t able to match with in the first place?

That explains Oliver, but not Cain. And what does it even mean to be a counterpart?

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I don’t understand either.

Counterpart means they have the same storyline

So its the same storyline with the exact same words? The only difference is the name/look?

Basically that’s it, yes.

I don’t see the point to it, then :person_shrugging:

That’s just how it is. Most characters have a counterpart with the same storyline.

Some have 2 counterparts and other gender counterparts
Like Nina Hawk, Antoine Dawson and Noah Cruz or the likes of Julia Greene, Jamie Grand and Seth Evans

Then there’s your standards like Eve Rockwood/Alice Martin. I’m not fond of the idea that you can’t change to the counterpart for aesthetic purposes but it’s whatever

And yes, still many characters without available stories. I guess it’s so we can see previews of coming attractions. I’m still waiting for Skye Oakley to open up even though there’s still female match stories that haven’t updated in over a year