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Not again.... Incorrect Alliance Rewards

I really hope this is just a visual glitch. My alliance was all ready to go 5/5 for that sweet Irri DNA. I claimed this morning thinking it was correct with the DST changes over the weekend. We hit rank 1 and see this 🤦


Same here. And I was first to claim for our alliance and I made sure to not open the game until 5 min after the reset. So there wasnt that issue

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Same here, and even after restart it’s the same.
Also, the entire 700m area around my house is all orange drops (and they’re plenty), and the only strike was a scent strike. No event or other type of strike anywhere.


Yes, it seems. Anyway, in this case, I almost prefer the old ones :slight_smile:

Same for my alli. All anyone can see is scent

Yeah I just noticed that too.

This is what? The third time?

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I think some stuff will flip over in 10 minutes - Procera season is still running.

Yeah… check again at the top of the hour when the current season ends.

Also, my daily just switched to carbo.

:crossed_fingers: that’s what I’m hoping as well. Obviously the time changed really screwed some things up because there aren’t any green drops out either.

We normally have an hour on Monday without green drops.

same here. got the wrong rewards. however, since im aiming for erlikospyx, i’m kinda ok with this.

Well that would be weird if the rewards can be claimed at 9:00 but nothing switches over till 10:00. We’ll see.

Guys the event/rewards change over is not due for another 5 minutes.

We should all know how this works by now.

I think the mistake is the scent tower being available an hour early … guess we’ll find out in 5 minutes …

But we were able to claim an hour early because of the time changes. I hope you are right, but it’s always been everything ends/begins at the same time.

Yes but if you think about it, the scent tower is early and the alliance rewards, but nothing else is there yet, so it’s obvious that everything else is coming at the next hour.

Why some towers appear early now, like it did last time i’m not sure. Just put it down to Ludia being Ludia.

Nope. Towers appeared still wrong rewards


Same. I even restarted a couple of times.

So, on the totally awesome news tho, we get alanqa as the new season reward. Why not just change daily to nunda.