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Not again :( Instant Fuse Issue

This was a bug back in September 2020…

I have not had any issues with the instant fuse lab since my original lost Gorgosuchus which support fixed.

I used it today to fuse 2 lvl 30 Gigantophis and it froze on the screen where you hit the DNA cost to fuse them. And froze in that I could hit the DNA button all I want and nothing was happening, however in the background the coins on paddocks were still bouncing up and down and a code 19 in the background was still running. I had to exit the screen (not the game) I went over and checked the instant fuse counter and it was still at three (so it didn’t use a charge) but when I went to the Biodome to go try again… Sadly… my 2 lvl 30s are no where to be found :frowning:.

I don’t know if the fact that I went from the standard creation lab after the fuse to level 21, fed and then went to combine the two lvl 30s is what caused the issue or if this was a freak occurrence, anyways buyer beware in case there is a new issue that has cropped up with the latest update.

@Ned, @Keith I will be submitting a support ticket but wanted to bring it to everyone’s attention.


Thanks Sionsith for the heads up

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FYI @Keith haven’t seen the weekly schedule posted yet on FB.

scheduled for 4pm, or in 5 minutes, if it isn’t there let me know and Ill manually post it here

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Thanks Keith, is this going to be the new standard time or just for today?

I believe in the coming weeks, times for posting may change, to see what time is optimal for the majority of our player base.

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For me it is not 4 pm it is 9 pm…

Keith was speaking to EST which is I believe where Ludia headquarters is based. If you are not in that time zone yes it would be different for you along with everyone else not in that time zone.


FYI I have used it twice on Jurassic’s since this and it has worked fine, I have not tried it on a Jurassic paddock with only two creatures in it though. But just wanted to put any fears at ease in terms of non Cenozoic creatures, not sure about Aquatics.

FYI, I fused two level 30 Kronosaurus with instant and it worked. I’m planning to use it in a couple of weeks on Mosa 2 and Nodo to make Armormata, so hopefully everything goes OK then too.

Unlocking insta in two days. Is it worth trying. After reading what has happened I’m scared to lose my Dinos. It would be two level 20 IRex

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Ludia remedied my issue by sending me 8 copies of the creatures and enough resources to hatch and fuse them up which works in my book, I would have liked to have had it work as intended but Ludia did remedy the situation for me.


1:30 am here. :woozy_face:

As @Sionsith said, it’s different based on time zones.

Capture the images of the process and you are fine. If something goes bad, contact directly with the support using them. No need to worry. :call_me_hand: