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Not all Crits are equal

The numbers may say 20% Critical chance, but that’s not the true story.
Some crit more than others, the numbers are not accurate, I don’t care what someone tells me. I have played this game since the beginning, and know through trial and error, and observations that it isn’t all the same. A Tenonto crits far more than a Magna. Which, Magna has lost me so many games where I needed one crit. I wont keep ranting about my frustrations with Magna’s so called 20%.
Most black and white example: Ardentismaxima used to crit more than 30% (felt like every other hit), then magically something happened and now he actually does crit 30% after the update.
This past tournament, somehow Velociraptor critical hit at least once every other game for me. And others did the same to me. Pa-lease, 5% my butt
I don’t expect anything to change, nor do i necessarily want them to. The game is what it is. Just a rant about how these Crits are not accurate. Maybe others have similar noticings

This has been debated for awhile now. Sometimes it feels like it works or doesn’t. I think that people need to remember that the crit percentage doesn’t change for every turn. If a creature has a 20% crit chance and crits on the 1st turn it still has a 20% crit chance the next turn. The percentage never changes. While we are talking about crits though I was wondering why you can’t crit on a heal?


Baseless, nonsense conspiracy theories with the only evidence for it being “oh well it FEELS like it.” Next.


HAHA pretty sure I said I was not expecting changes to be made, nor do I necessarily want them. Just an observation. Just wanted to see if others felt the same. Thanks for your input though

Every human being on earth who has ever lived has had the same 100% chance to die one day, yet we are still alive…we just haven’t procced yet =]


Crits are calculated on long term and every battle (strike towers, friendlies, tournaments) counts, not only arena battles.

Dude can you imagine?



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I wish lol

It’s just selective memory you just remember all the time it unbelievably crits and forget all the time it didn’t crit

Crits are just bad game design.