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Not all heros wear capes

I just met this dude on Arena 5

(Because you know, “”matchmaking””)
And instead of just smashing me like a bug he let me win by costantly switching his dinos
I don’t know who you are, but thank you


That would be the nicest player JWA has ever seen


Yet they have a full team of uniques… Yeah I don’t really see dropper in the description, try and be a bit more positive lol.


Why would a dropper not have uniques? This strategy is pretty common for those of us that drop that aren’t interested in the fight as much as getting down the the appropriate level.

The only hope here is that the person switches out their uniques for a more appropriate team befitting their destination when they’re ready to climb again. That’ll tell if they’re the “nicest player JWA has ever seen” or not.

If they’re not interested in the fight, they would have a full team of level 1 commons right? Instead of dragging it out for 10 minutes swapping with uniques.

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Not always. I’ve dropped with my most recent team before switching out to what I’ve wanted.

Not all low level creatures though - someone I met in the Arena.

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but even then, they haven’t got a full team of uniques, only 1. Most likely because they’ll draw 3 commons and the unique, but never use the unique only the commons.

Umm…How do you know this person wasn’t wearing a cape while they were playing you?


Or this one perhaps?

maybe they had nothing better, so just use the scaphognathus for the bleed swap in lol, like how I have a lvl 29 dracorex on my team until I unlock ceramagnus haha


Well they certainly aren’t a hero so…

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That is unusual maybe it’s an achievement or something @TheProC I’m sure that’s not the case lol with all those high leveled uniques they could definitely throw together something a little better than a level 11 scap

Would someone mind briefly describing the process of ‘dropping’, and particularly the advantage of doing so.

I don’t geddit!

Couple reasons someone might drop.

The most likely reason is that at higher competitive levels the odds of you getting all your wins (for incubators specifically, and for the satisfaction of winning as a secondary effect)is lower because you’re naturally being matched with those in your skill/power category or higher. Dropping your rank intentionally will pit you against lower-level opponents, and if the dropper uses their best team to climb back up they’re more likely to be the winner and thus get their incubator slots filled.

Another reason is that some people are after arena-specific DNA; it encompasses everything above, BUT the arena they drop to is specific because it includes the arena-featured DNA without diluting it with chances of DNA from higher arenas.

Others drop intentionally because the way the arena is set up we can get on win streaks that propel our ranking much faster than our DNA and coin collections can keep up, so we can either wait for it to naturally drop us back down to an appropriate level/arena for battling, or take a stretch of time out of our day and drop on purpose. This requires a little more honesty in play because it’s not that difficult to also force a drop to slightly below (or far below) where we belong just to give a greater window of likely wins before it happens again.

The final reason and the one I’m most prone to dropping for is to fight in an arena that I can use a greater variety of creatures for (our collections are hundreds of creatures, after all), usually to try out an assortment of rare or epic creatures and see how they work out in the arena. I like the variety the game has to offer and you really don’t see that variety the higher you move up the ladder. I also don’t like the idea of being forced to play in an arena where the creatures I need to use (which would be my most-developed) are dictated by RNG and my particular region, so now and again I will throw matches and loses thousands of trophies to fall to an arena where epic creatures dominate with very few legendaries and no uniques or apexes (barring the occasional encounter with the droppers described above looking for easy wins). Naturally this also requires a bit of honesty; I’m not going to use my level 20 T-Rex, even as an epic, in the Badlands where other epics are level 12-15.

It’s possible I missed another aspect of dropping, but those are what come to mind to me.


Really appreciate that Pox.

Although frankly it seems a lot of hassle for relatively little gain. IN terms of incubator slots, Sometimes it’s tough to catch a win as you end up on a losing streak, but even then you’ll fill them within a few fights as you wobble up and down in rank. Losing a tonne just to win a few seems illogical to me!

The DNA exclusivity I don’t pay enough attention to, and I guess I don’t try dinos without trying them in my main team at my top level, when i’ve levelled them sufficiently, otherwise I wouldn’t consider I’d tested them in the relevant setting (they might work at lower levels, but the dynamics at the top levels are much different!)

The other reason I just don’t understand, but thanks again for taking the time to explain.

Long story short dropping is done when a person can’t win. They drop down to places where the opponents are weaker and thus easy to beat.

It has also been done as a cheap way to farm certain DNA but I’m not sure if that’s done much anymore.

The ones with commons and scap r doing it for an achievement

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