Not an ad- Need extra coin? (easy peezy)


I installed Google Opinion Rewards a year ago to get extra $$s for PoGo but now use for JWA. Surveys generally take 10 seconds and give 10 to 75 cents per (every couple days). Just looked at my history and I’m at $91.68.
Anyone else doing this?

(this is not a sponsored ad, but if considered not useful can be taken down).


Same, as I have ditched PoGo for this game. It is so much better.


Used google rewards for ages, it accrues little but often so helps in android games to fund small payments


Nice tip - thanks!!!


I have never heard of this, how do you get it?


Look it up in the Google play store.


So how does it work for benefiting JWA?


Collin, as you take surveys (usually 1 every other day), you earn real money. Not a lot but enough to then use in JWA to purchase either JWA coin or JWA dollars. You can then use these in the game. I have my Rewards pointed to my PayPal account then when I purchase something in JWA it comes out of my PP account.


I’ve installed the app. I’ll have to see how I link it. Thanks