Not another matchmaking complaint. Where’s the sweet spot?

I’m not going to beat a dead horse about matchmaking. I despise it, but not the point. My team is currently levels 21-26 & I’m getting killed in the arena by up to level 29s. Loosing a lot more trophies than I gain by winning a good amount of the time. I have my highly boosted level 26 diplotater ready to level up & my level 24 Thor. I’m not sure if I should level them up since I have a feeling matchmaking will get worse. Anyone have a successful team with a level spread like mine? If anyone knows of a sweetspot, I would love to know about it. If not, I’m just going to be waiting it out for matchmaking to get fixed. I really don’t want to put junk on my team & waste boosts just to get matched with even opponents.


Every time I think I got it figured out (which dino to bench, what max levels and team average to go with) it works for a while and then I get unfair matches again - or lose 40 trophies to someone who has 300 more with a stronger team - and realize that nothing really helps right now.

My only hope is that 1.8 will fix the algo… and my only fear is that it won’t.


I’ve been playing around with this for the past week or so, and I haven’t found a perfect sweet spot. I’m in almost the same situation as you except my highest leveled hybrids are 24. I had the best luck with Tuora (22), Rat (20 and unboosted, although I later removed it for Sucho 22), Magna (21 and 5 5 5), Dilorach (21 and 4 4 3), Erlidom (23 and 3 3 4), Monosteg (22), Rinex (22 and 5 5 5), and Dio (22 and 3 3). This leads me to believe that lower level teams with a lot of boosts is the optimal route. My issue with this is that since my Thor is 24 and 4 5 3, I’m often matched against higher level creatures if I use it, but if I don’t, I’m already at a disadvantage for not using the best two assets in the game (I refuse to boost or level rat and Thor is too strong). I hope this helps a little!

Started at 48xx just trying to get my battle inc, now im down to 46xx and only 7 of 10 for my DBI. Have litterally been wiped every match by boosted thors and crazy speed magnas. Just when I think I might finally get 1 win, here comes highly boosted rat to ensure I cant even get 1 win today.

Meanwhile, people with much lower teams have 2000+ more trophies then I, while I continue to be dominated by highly boosted level 29 -30 thors down at 46xx trophies.

Boosts have been the single worst thing ever added to this game. Right behind this completly stupid new matchmaking. I honestly 100% hope that all the devs who approved this game breaking nonsense will lose their jobs and get fired with a quickness. The sooner the better and I honestly mean that.

I believe that a restaff is the only thing that will save JWA at this point. The current dev team is just too out of touch with their own game, and or too incompetent to accomplish even a remote sense of PvP balance.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. :sunglasses:

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It does help. I at least feel better other players are having the same issue finding a way to use their higher leveled dinos & I’m not just missing something. It’s frustrating that my diplotater is creating the biggest problem on my team at level 26 because she has been with me since the beginning. I never wanted to take her off my team.

I have one lvl 21 dino and others lvl 23 (4) and 25 (3) in my team. Today reached 5360 trophies and got ranked for the first time. Occasionally I get matched with way higher teams, but mostly with similar teams that have one or two way higher lvl dinos. Have boosted all 8 dinos to tier 4 or 5. Magna attack is even tier 6. Only Dio and Tryko are tier 3 speed.

I believe it also depends when you play. If algorithm won’t found similar team to yours will search till finds closest possible team. So you can end facing lvl 29-30 Thor.

That is 100% the fault of the new (and incredibly worse) matchmaking. Hopefully they will revert back to the good old trophy scores with 1.8.


My reply got hidden.

We needed more battle incubators for last week’s defense and I jokingly typed, sure if I can kill 10 dinos. Everyone thought that sounded absurd of course, but I actually wasn’t joking at all.


I gave up on mine this morning. I’ll try later in the afternoon when people get home from work.

Timing seems to have a lot to do with win ratio. Early morning or late night, my odds of winning seem to drop by 50%, every single time.

I work too, but I am able to work from home and with a lot of freedom.

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I really need to quit coming to this forum after I get out of PvP. You can always tell when I do, as it shows.

So frustraiting now. Really and truely hate the PvP aspect of JWA since 1.7 came along.

Anyway, humble appologies for the anger and negativity, none of us need that right now, players or developers. I am sorry. :worried:

You are nicer when you are mad than some are when they are happy! :joy:


I’m beginning to think the diabolical plan has always been to revert to 1.6 match making after 1.7 simply because we would no longer complain about it as loud as we once did.
We would thank them instead of complain. LOL


Just for the record, it already worked.

I regret every single negative thing I said about 1.6 now that I have experienced the real and true hell, lolz.

Then again, other then lack of guild leader tools, i didnt really have much to complain about in 1.6.


Just like we complained about the rat in 1.6 and Ludia found a way to shut us up - 1.7 which led to stat boosted super Thoras. But it worked - I put the rat on my team and my little buddy is often my only hope to win a battle :rat:


I just started playing a couple of months ago, and I am already thinking about quitting entirely due to the arena battles being such a chore and no progress. My team is not great. I am in the 2600-2900 range now, been there for weeks. I have leveled up my team a decent amount in that time but I still make no progress. I end up in long losing streaks against teams I can’t beat. I wouldn’t mind that much except that it is boring. Losing sucks but boring matches are even worse.

The sad thing is I see no way out. It takes time to build a team. I am progressing, play a lot, but it is a slow process, as I’m sure you all know quite well. So my dinos get leveled up, even boosted some although I had wanted to hold off on that as long as possible, but it doesn’t matter. I still sit in the same range, face similar opponents, mostly just enough better than my team that I struggle with the lose two, win 10 trophies thing a lot. Boring. And darting dinos knowing it hardly matters, that the pace is too slow to get me somewhere more interesting in the arenas, makes me think maybe I made a mistake starting this game.

I doubt that driving off newbies who are willing to play a lot and toss in a few bucks is what Ludia wants, but there it is. I’m not really having fun anymore. That was quick.


I’d becareful adding levels if you care about trophies. I was 5350 I leveled 2 dinos to 28 bring my average to just over 28. That seemed to be my tipping point. In 2 days immediately after leveling I lost nearly 1000 trophies and even at the edge of lockwood I’d continue to be matched with t100 teams or full lvl 30 teams stuck in low aviary because of the MM garbage.

I now have many unwinnable battles that I lose 35+. And if I can stratch a win I get 19-25. I have now de-leveled my team with weaker dinos and am climbing again. But I did find that even with all level 15 no boost in low aviary I would still facing 24-26 boosted dinos at a minimum.

I hope, I really do, that they resolve this before they start season rewards. Based on this system deleveling is the best way to gain rank, which frankly is pathetic from Ludia and completely removes the need and desire to grind levels.


Hang in there with all of us until we see what 1.8 brings. It can’t get much worse at this point and some of us have been playing from the start.


I have been on a consistent 10 victory win streak and I am in Sorna. Matchmaking has not been an issue with me because I am fighting dinos within close proximity to my dinos level

I sure hope Ludia don’t take this as a challenge! :neutral_face:

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