Not another matchmaking complaint. Where’s the sweet spot?

I had same thing happen to me so I think you’re on to something with the ‘tipping point’. For last 4 weeks, I’ve floated between 5200-5400 trophies and always in top 5 of my alliance. My team average is about lvl 26 with balanced boosts across team.

Yesterday, I leveled Thor to lvl 29 and went on the worst losing streak I’ve been in since I started playing at the beginning. I dropped from 5350 trophies all the way down to 4700. Some bad luck RNG but was often facing all lvl 30 boosted teams I had no chance against. It was the absolute worst experience I’ve ever had playing this game and almost made me quit.

Today, I was able to slowly climb back up to 5000 level but still seeing the same overpowered teams. The sad thing is, the top 3 players in our alliance all have top 100 teams with low level boosted magna (speed especially), boosted Thor and boosted Rat. That’s the trifecta of absurdity right there that’s ruining this game. Some other alliance members have avg level 29-30 Dinos and not even in top 5 of alliance. So boosts are definitely affecting the game in a negative way.

On a side note, I came across the worst player I’ve seen yet in this game. Boosted dracerotops and dracorex gen 2 to insane levels and kept swapping both out repeatedly. They really need to do something about that because it’s also ruining the game.

I’m going to try an experiment today & run a lower level team. I’m not super worried about trophies but definitely don’t like dropping arenas or staying stagnant at the same trophy level for months. I highly doubt that Ludia will leave matchmaking this way. I would think it’s more of a question about how long they are going to sit on this problem. 1.8 is a great opportunity for them to fix a lot of the issues. I hope they use it.

I just can’t believe reading this. My team is completely lvl28 mostly tier6 atk/hp and would eat yours for breakfast. Still, I dropped to 4900 trophies (formerly ~5500) and I am still facing stronger teams a lot, hardly ever meeting teams like yours (which obviously somehow can sneak past me to 5300 trophies)

Just goes to show again, how broken matchmaking is.

Matchmaking is totaly broken. It’s ridiculous that I’m higher than teams with lvl 28-30 dinos. I’m aware I’ll fall where my team belongs, after they fix matchmaking.

Always went step by step, constantly improving my team. 1.7 matchmaking mess pushed me higher than I should be. However I’ll continue to improve team and climb into top 500 when my team will belong there.

Bleed… I’ve had 4 opponents who rage quit after round one because I bled their thor and they didn’t crit on turn one.

One of them would have clearly won with what they had left were they not acting like a pouting child.

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When I levelled my Noodle (Nodopatotitan) from 27 to 28, and my Indo from 26 to 27 my opponents got WAY harder! My Indoraptor is ready for 28 as are a few of my other main team dinosaurs but im not doing it till matchmaking is fixed!

Ive actually been forced to create a B Team with dinosaurs in the low 20s, mainly 21 and 22, highest being a 23 Indominus!
Matches are now MUCH more fair and im no longer losing 10 matches in a row!

I do sometimes still get an over levelled Suchie or even seen a 30 Einie but thats rare to see now.

Im also having more fun and getting to use dinosaurs I wouldn’t use otherwise!

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Those kind of players put all their boosts into Thor as a way to try and sweep teams, when they lose it and have to rely on strategy or skill, they rage quit coz they don’t know what to do!

When they miss with their silver bullet they have no hope!


I tried out lowering my team but my level 20s weren’t strong enough. The level 20 unboosted legendaries don’t fair well against the level 21-23 uniques & it seems like players that haven’t gotten their uniques yet way over boosted their legendaries. I say overboosted because they are going to hit a wall & not be able to keep up with boosting their uniques when they get them since boosts are so limited. So, lost 300 trophies, changed my team back, & I guess I’m not leveling up any dinos until the fix.

My matchmaking experience under 4500 trophies:

Match #1: get matched against dinos 5+ levels above my dinos. Get easily killed. Lose 25-30 trophies.
Match #2: get matched against dinos 5+ levels above my dinos. Get easily killed. Lose 25-30 trophies.
Match #3: Play idiotic AI. Easily win. Get 50 trophies.

repeat matches 1 through 3 to extreme annoyance and agitation only losing net 10 trophies every cycle. Rarely play anyone near my dino level. Always get murdered except by AI or if someone drops. Never drop enough trophies to actually play anyone near my dino level. Have to play a minimum of 12 matches just to get incubators; thats an hour of wasted game time just getting chewed up by people much higher levels and every 3rd match playing a dumb AI. Easily makes me want to chuck game in trash every time.