Not available in Japan


I’ve been seeing all the really cool pictures and videos of the game, which looks great! I’d love to play too…except I live in Japan and the app isn’t live in the Google Play store or the Apple store even after the “worldwide” release. It still shows that I’ve preregistered.
Is there any plan to make the game available here or is there some way I can re-join the world so I can play?

JWA in Japan

Hi there, RaylBlue, we’re sorry to hear that you’re excited to play our new game but that you aren’t able to. We’re working hard to make this available to you, and it should be available next month.


I see. I figured it was a localization/language issue that was delaying things, but it’s good to get a more concrete idea of what to expect. Thank you!


It’s been released almost wordly now, except Japan… How come ?