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Not been able to finish a battle without reset in days!?

Anyone else have massive battle stability issues? I haven’t been able to finish a battle in one go in days. Every battle either doesn’t start from the “finding a battle” screen, times out on the “waiting to connect screen”, or freezes mid battles meaning I have to hope I can relog in time to finish it…getting infuriating.

This is in addition to map objects not loading, disconnecting mid darting and map screen locking and not being able click anything.

Anyone else having this never ending bugfest?


Yup. Timer counts down to 0, I click “FIGHT AI” and it freezes, forcing me to reset the app. Or I don’t get the option to fight AI at all. I get “WAITING FOR OPPONENT”, then a time-out. Usually if I’m able to successfully start a battle I get to complete it though.

I also get the periodic annoying blank map too. I sometimes get lockups when moving chase chests appear, which doesn’t allow me to click on anything on the map.