Not been rewarded end of season reward

Hi anyone else not recieved there end of season reward yet? Myself and a few in my alliance havent recieved reward

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U got them last week

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No I didnt

If you remember how much Allo g2 you originally had, check to see if it’s increased. The season ended early and you may have collected it back then. If not, best to send a support ticket.

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I definitely didnt get it last week , already have contacted them

I got 2700 allo g2 last week when it finished

Did they tell you what to do? I’m pretty sure I haven’t gotten mine either!

Hallo! I’m really thankfull that there is (at least) one other person but me, who has the same problem/topic like me!!
I definitely didn’t get the reward for last season!!!

Meanwhile I thougt, that perhaps I did something wrong and that’s the reason for didn’t get the reward. But now I know, that I’m not alone :slight_smile:

Dear Support: please help :slight_smile:

Hey everyone, could I ask you to reach out to our support team here at with your support key if you think you are missing your last Season’s reward?

Thank you!

Hallo Ned! Thanks for your answer and information! :+1:
Added on just for information: still send the mail with my support key - like you asking for - before few minutes ago!
Kind regards

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