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Not complaint just curiosity

has anyone seen the epic strike or has it not been released yet because I haven’t seen a single one today and just wondering if it’s missing for me or just not out yet.

I don’t see it either.

You think it might just not be out yet or there’s some problem

The Epic strike will come later. It alternates from the Rare Strike that is out now.

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they should divide the strikes evenly because someone might be playing in the morning but can’t at night or the other way around.


agreed, how long is the rare strike out til

its been out since early morning.

so hopefully the epic one should show up soon or more like it’ll show up tonight

The strikes that swap are on a 12 hour timer. Starting at 10am EST. The epic strike will be out at 10pm EST.

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Really, I get mine at 8 EST

It would be 10EST, bc EST is -5 GMT, as a Brit living in the easiest to co very to timezone, it always changes at 3am and pm. Which is exactly five hours ahead of 10EST.
I spent to much time on live-streams, I learnt the zones off by heart… my last few brain cells…

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You 100% sure you’re in EST? If it’s currently 16:19 (4:19pm) then you are

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Interesting… I don’t know then XD

Wait a sec, I always got the event change at 8 (when a showcase goes dead) and then 2 hours then the next showcase goes live. I was going if that.

It might be 10, I’ll check

It will be out at 10 pm EST. The rare/epic strikes are out for 12 hours before swapping over

Like I said when they first started this. It’s a horrible idea having a 12 hour swing shift for incubators.

It switches at 10pm eastern time for me. I’ve got up at 1:30am to get an epic tower. I’ve left home numerous times after already going out at 8pm to get my coins. It’s a horrible idea.

I suggested and made a thread and support passed it along. That there should be a tab under the battle menu for towers. They have pvp and campaign and a towers tab would be great. That way everyone would have a full 24 hours to play any and all towers and not miss them. They wouldn’t have to leave home and risk any covid issues.

But 12 hour swing shift I guess is a better idea.

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