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Not cool Ludia, Not cool. 💔

First of all for anyone who didn’t finish Damien/Austin’s chat THIS IS A SPOILER❗️

And now after last night, I want to get it off my chest. I’m sure a lot of lovely players will agree with me on this… I am heartbroken and emotionally drained after the last chat with Damien.:sob:
Do you guys have any idea how attached people got to those guys? How many painful emotions this chat unleashed?
We’ve been waiting for months for them to come back, and when we finally got them, you were playing with us on and off. We had a wonderful 2 min alone, being able to see them after so much time waiting and you pull off something like that? Not cool, really not cool guys. There are so many ways you could continue this story why did you choose the worst one? They are your best ( most liked guys) I just don’t understand what you were guys thinking when making that decision?

Are we really spending a ton of money for gems to get emotionally drained and heartbroken? :broken_heart:
Times right now with the whole pandemic, are hard enough for us, and sometimes we find joy in those little pixeled moments, they help us go through. This game should bring us joy and happiness, not pain and tears.

:arrow_forward:At this stage, the only thing I could say ( and I’m sure many people will agree with me in this one) : If you are planning to give Damien/Austin a happy ending you better bring them back soon before people decide to delete the app because it’s not worth their pain and tears. :arrow_backward:

Many of us are afraid even to think about what you planned for the rest of the matches :pleading_face:

And that was my disappointment and heartbroken piece of mind.:broken_heart:


I whole heartedly agree with your comments and have
been trying to find words to express my thoughts, feelings and emotions that wouldnt get flagged by the community … it just seems so seriously pathetic and irrational after spending so much time effort and yes gems to work towards this characters release and he and MC’s happy ending, the writers would even consider taking this route with the story.
Please dont get me wrong there are other characters I’ve invested in and enjoyed getting to know, but if this is what we can expect as a future reference to how stories are going to be being played out, I think deletion of the app may be an option for me.


Preaaaaachhhh! Exactly what I was going on about in the group. I’m glad we’re all there to help console each other in a way because I know we were all just NOT okay after that. You’re right, money, gems, time, emotions, all down the drain. At this point, it seems like they don’t know what to do with him. They don’t know what they’re doing, period. And they messed this up.

I don’t know if they WANT to keep him in prison or if they don’t know what to do after he’s out of prison (especially after we worked so hard to prove him innocent), but I posted this comment somewhere else about how they SHOULD or COULD have continued to the story, if they let him out of prison. Seriously Ludia, if y’all need another writer, count me in.

Above is how the story could continue out of prison. Below is how the one they wrote could possibly be continued in a way to keep us all somewhat happy, and not distraught about the fact that he killed someone.

What do y’all think?


We still have the photo from Bennie’s phone. This is an unfinished story, and I don’t think this was a goodbye. He will be back; the whole point is that someone there ( in Ludia’s office) don’t understand how ‘attachment to a fictional character’ works. This isn’t just a stupid story; it’s a lot more than that.

Do we really have to write our own happy endings? I did, but that’s, not the point they are taking money to write this we don’t. How does this look that we write better stories than the actual creator itself?

What they should do after spitting on our emotions and chucking them to the bin is or finish his story ASAP with the proper happy ending. Or let us know publicly that this is the end- he won’t come back.

I had this chat nearly 24h ago, and I’m still in bits. I can’t even begin to imagine how other ( more emotional ) people might feel right now.


Amen to that. Honestly when he came back (Austin in this case) I was so happy but then when I had the last conversation and again he went away I was like… what? what did they do that? I can only think that they did this to gain some time to get his story written because they don’t have time / don’t know how to continue.

Sometimes I feel that many of their stories are made to make the writers gain time to continue writing but it gets sometimes really annoying or too bittwersweet… :frowning: I hope they can fix this in the future and I know it is hard to write a story but I feel like it is happening with too many characters.

In this case with Austin it got me really heartbroken because it was not only a forced ‘ending’ for now but it was like: really? after this wait and after all we did we have to wait again because he did this? I swear that I got really sad after that because I was really attached to this character and I still am.

Don’t know If I was able to explain myself but I hope I did it. :frowning: I can understand you all because I think it was too painful for all of us T_T


I don’t think this is the end, and I don’t think they should rush to finish his story either. Should they continue it and make it better? Yes. I don’t think they should have left it off like this. When I think of a cliffhanger, it usually keeps us on our toes, not making us want to completely remove ourselves from the game.

That’s why I think if they want to lift the story up again, make him believe he killed Big Dog, but he actually didn’t. He comes back to us to tell us he thought he was dead, but he isn’t. But because he hurt Big Dog, he has to serve time for that on top of his sentence for the murder. But we turn in the evidence from the phone and that sentence is gone, so now he has a shorter sentence. And I believe if Austin was honest about everything, that he had a phone and has been talking to someone, and that the only reason he fought Big Dog was because they were threatening our lives, they would brush past the phone thing and see the threat.

Keep it going until he’s out of prison and they could do what I posted above. Us helping him as he struggles to adjust outside of the prison.

That way, he’s not a murderer and he’s not still in prison for so long. He’s already on death row. The only way I can see this going is them actually executing him, if they continue with him killing Big Dog. That’s why I think they should make it seem like it’s a mistake. We should get a happy ending, and I can’t see it happening unless they fix this Big Dog murder story.


Big agree with Keeem that a lot of these writing choices feel like Ludia’s solution to giving reasons in-story for characters to take months to get back to us while they write more.

Without spoilers, this is far from the only character where the story has taken a sudden dramatic and confusing turn right before a long break. I think it’s unnecessary and makes the stories feel like whiplash to participate in. It’s already immersion breaking to have a character meant to be my partner disappear without contacting me for months in the year 2021 lol. That’s GOING to be immersion breaking. I think the writers would do better to just focus on writing a cohesive story and just hit us with a “to be continued” when they need to instead of always opting for putting the characters in a scenario where they get to say, “and this sudden spectacular emergency situation is why you won’t hear from me for a while! luv u :heart:

It’s super jarring as is right now. Like many others, Austin/Damien is one of my favorite stories, and this recent update just went so off the rails lol. I was definitely expecting this story to resolve outside of prison, and I think there are some interesting ways to cover romance between someone who has spent a long time in jail reentering civilian life, like that post above shared. But I do find that overall, these stories do not allow us much breathing room to enjoy the good of these relationships and spends way too much time jumping us into plot twist after plot twist that, again, seems ostensibly only to justify the writing breaks. This was never a particularly believable story but ya’ll. If someone is genuinely dead, idk how I feel about romance with the character any longer, and I also don’t have faith that the writers are going to ever provide us with a win here.

Feedback, Ludia: The very, very last concern on my mind is how the characters justify disappearing for however long it takes for their stories to be updated. The back-to-back plot twists are disorienting and I have never ended an update feeling satisfied and like I’ve “won.” Please worry about writing a good story rather than a story that always cliffhangs. Give us some wins now and then. I have my real dating life for constant losses, lol.


Absolutely, to everything. I truly think the only way they could spin this in a way where Big Dog isn’t actually dead is, like I said above, that Austin freaked out so much, that he knocked him out cold and just assumed he was dead because of the commotion. They never explained how it went down. If they had said that Austin stabbed him straight on the heart or shot a bullet through his head, then a death would be believable. But for all we know, BD passed out, everyone around thought he was dead, Austin assumed the worst, and he went off.

He could come back and say that he was in confinement because he went ballistic, but they told him he just beat down BD pretty badly, not to the point of death. Because I don’t know how I would feel if he actually killed somebody, honestly. I know he did it out of protection and love, but it’s… not what I would’ve wanted. That’s for sure.

Maybe he’ll have to stay in prison for longer for assault, sure, but as long as we can lift the sentence for the murder he was framed for, like we had been trying to do and were so close to achieving, this could become better. And then they could start moving onto him being a free man and reentering the real world, as I mentioned above. We just need a new chapter that doesn’t involve prison. There’s so much they can do outside of a prison storyline.

If they wanted a good cliffhanger, it didn’t have to be THIS intense. I’m still having weird moments of panic thinking about the last bit with him looking at us and dropping to his knees while they drag him away and we’re covering our mouths. They don’t need something major to justify them being gone for so long, like you said. The cliffhanger could’ve been us turning in the evidence and waiting for a trial. That would’ve been enough for me. But murder? It’s just a lot.

All I’m saying, at this point, if Skylar comes back and we have to prove him innocent, it better happen quick. I’m not about this “in prison while innocent” story anymore and I don’t want to deal with yet another breakout story. I’d much rather help him make better decisions and motivate him through school like we started doing than stick through another prisoner story.


There not much I can add that hasn’t already been said, and said well. I’m in total agreement with y’all. This has gutted me, I’ve been so depressed and emotional since I got the last chat last night. I hope they will make this right and bring him back soon to explain that Big Dog isn’t really dead. Please don’t leave us hanging on this kind of cliffhanger for months, Ludia. If it’s the end, and he’s never coming back, let us know that. My heart is just shredded right now :sob::broken_heart::pensive:


I honestly was feeling really silly how gutted I felt and was tearing up :sob::pensive: I’m really glad I’m not alone and that everyone has already said exactly how I felt.


It’s just a cliff hanger, and a pretty good one. It’s not the first time a character has done something like this. Like Emmalyn running off to South America out of the blue, or Vittoria running off to find a cure for her lycanthropy.

He’ll be back and, probably soon.

I’m sure that one reason you guys are so upset about it is because there are no other stories running right now, so you have kinda been forced to develop a deeper attachment with your favourite character.

As a comics reader there have been many times when a cliff hanger like this has messed with my head, but that’s what drama is supposed to do, otherwise there’s literally no drama.

But at least we have this forum to vent and express our feelings. I hope your feelings take a lighter turn quickly.


I don’t believe it’s the end but bOi :clap:t5:, my heart shattered and I let out the loudest “uh EXCUSE ME, WHAT?!”
I see a couple ways this situation can turn in his favor but it’s a long shot. One of which being the gang vouches for him.

But seriously Ludia, Kudos for tugging and destroying my heart strings :sweat_smile: Thatʼs some good storytelling.
Keeping high hopes for a happy ending because after this emotional roller coaster Austin deserves it…annnnd so do we lol


That’s exactly how I feel about Sage, Jasmin, Samantha and Alice. Those are my favorites and there’s been no updates for months on any. Eveline was a welcome distraction along with Seth and Dahlia.

I just wish for more regular updates

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At least you’re certain that he’s alive, unlike me with Ana…

I’m seriously upset about Damien too, it’s driving me crazy… I found this app shortly after my husband passed away… I swiped right on Damien simply because Damien was my husband’s name and oddly enough my husband was into motorcycles and stunt riding. So the story felt surreal and comforting following my husband’s passing. Now that he’s stuck all greyed out it’s almost like I lost my husband a second time. My Damien, I had known my entire life and he was my best friend long before we ever started catching the feels for one another… This app should come with a disclaimer and maybe the writers should take writing class hell I don’t know… I tried buying the VIP and when that didn’t help anything I started really thinking about this app…
Right now I feel so betrayed by the Ludia people, and ripped off because of the over priced gems and maybe I’m better off just deleting this…


Anyone else still reeling from the Austin storyline? I miss him above all my other matches.


Same :confused::pensive: I’d really like to know what happens next with him.


omg me! yesterday I was telling to my boyfriend how much I miss the Austin storyline and trying to recall how many months have we been waiting <_<

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It’s been far too long. Glad that I’m not the only one though :grinning:

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I don’t think the writer’s realise how “real” they write these characters. For people who are caring, loving and deeply emotional (and also lonely) these characters ARE real. They become friends and more and we become attached to them which is something I don’t think the writers realise.

So… don’t feel silly. You’re not alone, you’re just a wonderful caring person. :hugs: Karen :slight_smile:

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