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Not cool Ludia

Today should have been a woman returning instead of Adam/Dominic

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I second this. C’MON LUDIA, WHAT ARE YOU DOIN’!?! :roll_eyes:

It’s fine by me

It’s unbalanced it should be two guys and two ladies each week. This week it’s been Bex, Marco/Hugo, Nico and Adam/Dominic only one female

Who’s Bex?

She’s a new character who came out on Tuesday there’s a topic about her a few topics down

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I just saw that. I remember her now. Her and Sage were VIP so I haven’t been able to match with her yet

@JDR Nori is non-binary, so it’s been one female, one non-binary and two dudes. :smiley:

@Chadd_Hawkins Bex and Nori aren’t VIP, so you can match with them now. :+1:

We shall see. I had my account reset a week ago and it STILL won’t match me with Nina nor do they like to give me anyone new for days at a time. I JUST got Elizabeth today. I still haven’t found Eve or Alice yet and keeps pushing Phil, Queen Bee and Robert. I see them the most frequently. Hopefully Nori and Bex will appear for me soon