Not enough coins given to level up anything. Give more!

Its been impossible to level up any creatures due to how many coins it takes to level them up. The ratio of coins given to coins needed is wayyy too low. I mean even the treasure chests are a joke giving very little amounts. Please reward higher level of coins so I can begin levelling up the 38 creatures waiting.


We all have this problem. Unless you are willing and able to spend a small fortune of real world cash you’ll be playing the long game.


If you collect your max coin count every day, you shouldn’t have much of a problem.

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Hi I need coin too…:joy:

1.5 changed it so I have less needed DNA than coins.

If alliance players requesting DNA could increase the price maybe GPS blessed players might make extra coin for selling their abundant DNA.

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Really? I wouldn’t waste coin on the 38, just focus on the 8 that you wish to use in your team :wink:

But yeah for what it’s worth you’re absolutely right, there is a known coin-wall with this game. But there is one easy solution ‘buy some’, however for us F2P gamers it’s something more of a scavenge/hunt/grind (or just think of it as a higher difficulty setting).


There sure is a coin wall in this game. I’m grateful for the chests and assault towers, but the rewards from the new daily tasks are a joke. 25 coins per task, I just need to do it 10000 times to level up a dino hahaha

Ludia wants you the spend money that know about the problems but are not going to fix them because that donycare about the players and never will. As long as people kiss the bit and don’t hold them accountable. If we want chain the game we all need to get together.

Talk to your alliance find what DNA everyone wants that happens to be your local awesome rare(for the trade to give max coin u need rare for sweet dna x3 multiplier for rarity) then get alliance to spam requests for the DNA you gathered. Laugh out loud as you become a DNA stock exchange broker making solid amount of coin from DNA you wouldn’t use yourself. It’s like kinda finally possible to properly farm coin! Though it takes hitting every spin limit(the different colours have different limits), hitting every strike tower(punish those bots!),
Battling in arena beyond filling incubators to max out the coin gained from there for the day(i think of as training) and finally farming random DNA and then trading to alliance every day. I dont know yet if there is a daily donation of DNA for trade limit? (metahub will likely have an article on details soon!) so theoretically as long as you have wanted DNA you can make unlimited coin daily from trade (there prob is a limit but I have not reached it yet and have been seriously offloading DNA to test!). So far 1.5 rocks !m!

I don’t know about you people but to me every single coin and cash counts. It’s free so be thankful for it.

Between donations and stops my max coin limit is 37500, not including anything else. That’s pretty decent when u consider adding incus, battles, strikes etc to it. Can easily clear 50k a day and by the time u get a dino ready to level 26 thats just days of limits. Not too bad anymore imo

Yes, ludia wants you to spend money, theyre a business. There are multiple ways to acquire free coins, utilize them ans stop waiting for a handout. You will reach a point where youre forced to grind and make tough choices, that too is part of the strategy of the game. If everything was handed to you the game would have 0 longevity and be boring… Everyone stops playing like they owe you and ennoy the ride

You have not idea what you are talking about so stop talking before you hurt yourself and stop kissing Ludia butt maybe if you were to think for yourself and do a little research you would see the some of the most popular games are true free to play games. So grow up and start think for yourself I was just telling the truth not everyone has money to put into a game and if the game was a true free to play game then Pokémon Go would not be more popular and POGo is making Niantic money and it is a true free to play game so don’t give me that a business can’t make money on a true free to play game. And when a company like Ludia make over 25 million dollars a week I think making one true free to play game will not bankrupt them.

Since my previous response was flagged we will try another approach… No business owes you anything and no game hands you everything. Free to play is very doable if you grind, please stop expecting everything to be handed to you for nothing. If you have money to spend, spend. If you dont have money or dont want to spend be willing to put in the work