Not enough dinos spawning


Basically what the title says lol not too long ago we got an update and rare/epic dinos started spawning everywhere more often and now it seems like it has gone back to normal with just a few local commons appearing all the time… yeah I know rares and epics still show but its far less… did Ludia just put out more dinos for a week to get people excited again and then dropped the spawn rates back to normal? Lol makes no sense…


Yeah I’ve noticed too, haven’t seen any epics consistently. I have NEVER seen a T-Rex Gen 2 or a Baronyx Gen 2.


I’ve had the same problem ever since the issue with no dinosaurs appearing on the map. Since then there does appear to have been a significant reduction in the number of dinosaurs out and about.


New update coming guys!


Lian, no migration lasts forever. The dinos move through, and that’s it… Until they migrate again. There will probably be another migration event.


I have 1 or 2 commons that spawn anywhere close to me. No supply drops at all. Its really frustrating to have to drive 10 to 15 miles to a park every time I want to play. Need to increase spawn rates and spawn locations!!!