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Not enough rare hybrids

Hey ludia,

The game could use more rare hybrids. There’s only 7 currently. Not even enough to make a team with. There’s been tons of posts about this and it’s my turn. So I whipped up some cool but not over powered rare creature hybrid suggestions. Check em out.


What about this?

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How about this?

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thing is, that thing would be WAY too op first off, and its kit doesnt make ANY sense. We already have velociraptor, we dont need this monster.


What do you mean by "the movezet is crazy it’s just a combination of 2 of it’s parents

but it’s still slower than than the normal raptor and it can be slowed down

seems a little op for a rare to me, and like @Deathclaw46 said its kit seems a bit crazy, like where does it get a counter and on escape rampage?

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you mean the counter amd on escape rampage?

suchotator has nullifyng impact and instant distraction,neither of it’s parents have those ability

Not those 2 abilities specifically, but the entire kit in general. Can’t say what since I’m not the best when it comes to this stats and kits stuff, but it just seems like a bit much to me

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i don’t get it
It’s just the same moveset of 2 of it’s parent

there i remove the on escape rampage to make it balanced

what move is too much the resilient strike?

It’s like another monolometrodon

Wh8ch move is broken?

And why do you compare my suggestion to that purple piece of garbage

I don’t get what ur talking about it’s a cunning resilient so it has less damage than cunnings and more health than normal cunnings

I don’t know too much about this stuff, but I would either:
a. Remove the pounce
b. Remove the counter
c. Lower the attack

Has the same stats (Even better) and it’s only a rare :thinking:, has a full counter out of nowhere :man_shrugging:t2:, in one turn can do 4200 damage, reduce the damage and the speed of the oponent, soo… It’s too op, the only weak part are the resistances, it has both shields and distraction for that HP


Also what do you mean it could do 4200 dmg in 1 turn? What do u mean?