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Not finding epic dinos anymore


Dont know why or what happened but I cant find epic spawns anymore. It’s like the game rolled back the epic spawn frequency to 1.1 or something.

8 days now and only 2 trex, no zone epics at all, i dont understand what happened or what is going on.


I have noticed that too since the birds arrived.


They greatly reduced the epic spawn rates for globals (i think):

I went from seeing 7 or so rex a week to maybe 1.


Same. And since I predominantly need epics to fuse hybrids, it’s getting pretty discouraging. 1 Pyrorapter and 1 Anky so far since Sunday. Last week was even worse.


I agree, spawn rate is significantly changed, and tend to decrease.

They might be thinking that first 2 weeks, people’s gonna love hunting bird so much.
So, they drop spawn rate and expect that we might not notice anything changed.


I dont see any epics around either


It’s possible that they reduced the epic spawn rate so that people will invest in more epic scent capsules :thinking:

I’m running out of Sino dna :sob:

Edit to add: Concavenator and Koolasuchus spawns still seem abundant :joy:


I think that Rare and Epic dinosaurs are harder to find in general. Some common ones are nowhere to be seen as well. It used to be a lot easier before all recent updates. Levelling-up has became a big issue so I don’t know how Ludia expects people to keep playing their game. :frowning:


Wow, in the last week or 10 days I have found about a dozen t-rex, a ton of baryonix, a couple monolophosaurus, and a few ankylosaurus… no issues here.

Oh, and koolasuchus, but I pass that thing up…


How do you know where L1-4 are actually at?


In August I went 2-3 weeks without seeing T-Rex. Darted 2 today.

Went over a month without Sino, wonders why it even had any hybrids. Suddenly I see them almost daily.

Colllected Koolasuchas DNA for one of my Battle team. A couple already say they see it all the time. I’ve seen zero this month

Point is, they seem to change based on region. Grab what you can before they are gone.


I haven’t seen Ankylosaurus for a week now. I used to get one every one to two days. This game is going backwards after the 1.4 update. Wasting a whole week to find zero local epic dino is a strong signal to ask players to quit the game.


I don’t see any decrease in epic spawn since the last time it was buffed. But just like RNG some days you get lucky and sometimes you don’t…
For example 2 days ago I managed to get 4 monolophosaurus in sight of my work. But yesterday I didn’t see one ! In the other hand I saw 6 T-rex and so…it’s all about luck. But T-rex are really commons if you play few hours a day

The best way is to check commons because they are easier to spot. I made a post about them and most interesting dino you can gt in these areas :


Definitely seems worse for me in my area. Only 2-3 epics this past week.


I only see t rex like 5,7 daily, bit 0 zone epics


When you keep the dino finding log for all 4 zones you will see the difference. Global epics are not affected, such as T-Rex and Baryonyx; they spawn roughly the same. But the local epics are about 1/5 of its original spawn rate. I keep all dino finding in my log since Update 1.4. And I can definitely say it that local epics are toned down significantly since then. Sure I managed to find 3 Oranosauruses in one night, but the total number divided by the days I can definitely see a much lower spawn rate than it was before the update. It’s just too tiring and not fun anymore. One week to find one or two local epics for all the walking? I have better games to spend my time on that doesn’t require walking.


I’ve hardly found any local EPIC too, maybe only 5 for this week, but for Global one like T-rex, I’ve found 4 of her just only today.


I disagree. Everyday I’m travelling through an L2 zone and manage to do my lunch break there. I don’t have any problem to find epic of the area. Of course I need especially ouranosaurus but I find all of them roughly in equal number.

I can share the numbers if you want :
Yesterday : 1 ourano, 1 seco, 1 stegoceratops
2 days ago : 1 ourano, 2 seco
3 days ago : 2 ourano, 1 pyro

Today I have found one ourano at the moment but my gf saw one more (local spawn that didn’t spawn for me)


I see maybe one TRex a day
Seen one ourano last month…
Sino two a week
Pyro one last month…

They have gone down IMO too.


I really wish that game was fair to all players but obviously some are not as lucky as those who find several epic dinos each day. The spawning mechanism must have been altered as their numbers have gone down a lot. I haven’t seen Ouranosaurus for 2 months now. :frowning:

Ludia should increase numbers of epic dinosaurs they showcase each weekend as darting 6 doesn’t give us much DNA to fuse.