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Not getting buffs,extra percentage added against Alpha

Battling 9star Shellfire and not getting added percentage buffs off of Bombwelter special ability. It doesn’t seem if I’m getting them from any dragon but I know for sure with Bombwelter. I normally save Bomby’s tile until I have other dragons ready to use theirs. No added power. I’m not getting the extra percentage from my dragons buffs. I did 4 Alpha strikes before I came to ludia, same thing on all 4 strikes

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:frowning: I remember you telling us in clan of this. Ludia has ignored your post completely though.

@Ned @Marcus

About Shellfire. Why is it so hard nerfed?


Ava’s complaint here is about Bombwelter’s team wide damage boost not working, not the Shellfire itself. She has a problem with today’s Foreverwing as well.

Now, as to your question, Shellfire wasn’t nerfed; it was buffed, and then perhaps fixed after my complaint of it starting on the rogue direction. So, it’s actually as it’s meant to be at the moment.

I’ve meant, now Shellfire gets much less damage after cleansing board


  1. Which level Shelly are you fighting?
  2. Visit my old thread about that, yeah? This is still about Bomby’s buff not working.

@Lagrow Bugged Alphas - Fury Guardians statement

Hey AlphaAva, reported this to our team. Thank you!