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Not getting credit for battles

Yeah so this is a problem for me in friendly matches with my team/friends and also occurred in the tournament. I am looking at a possible, close-fought (me and my opponent on 2 knock outs each) win, then suddenly and abruptly the match ends, and my opponent has been awarded 3 medals and I didn’t get any? Like I wasn’t on 2 medals a second before?

Anyone else found this problem?

It’s worrying that it happened in the tournament but it’s still happening now when I’m having friendlies.
I will try to get screenshots.

It’s been going on for almost a year. It seemed to go away for a little bit, but around 1.5 it came back with a vengeance.

Must be pretty maddening for those who are gaining momentum on the tournaments. I don’t take them that seriously or I’d be annoyed.

Yep. Just another in the long list of bugs that will probably never get fixed.