Not getting incubators after victory?


I know this game glitches out occasionally and I don’t wanna brag but I just won my last two battles in a row and it said all slots are full so no incubator will be awarded but only 3 slots are full. Is it just me or has this happened to you too?


Sooooo, Half an hour later the incubator showed up :face_with_raised_eyebrow: mm ok


Yeah, I’ve had that happen maybe once or twice in all the time I’ve played JWA. If it happens again, close out of the app (force-stopping if needed) and reopen it… and the incubator should appear in its proper slot.


True, now no Incubator victory and no more battle… No point battling to lose always even though I met lower level dude… Will revoke my VIP status till the end of the tournament… I know I will never get to the top 500…:grin:


If you can make it to 4000 you will get a reward top 500 or not. I won’t make it I don’t think :slightly_frowning_face: