Not getting money from the spins


Non VIP user, hit my coin limit for the day. The standard supply drop, prize 2 shows darts + bucks, but when I spin I’m just getting darts… And usually it’s the prize 1 darts + prize 2 darts.

To elaborate, let’s say a supply drop has the following:
Prize 1: 10 darts
Prize 2: 5 darts + 10 bucks

If I spin I’ll get a 5 dart prize, then a 10 dart prize.

Is this normal? It seems weird that it would show two prizes, then hand out something totally different.


It said somewhere that the prizes shown are just indicitative of the prizes issued and don’t represent the prizes themselves :roll_eyes: once a day (if I’m lucky) I get cash from the spins, the rest of the time it’s just darts and coins.



Thanks! Where’s the FAQ with this info? Sorry for my stupid post lol.

It’s really dumb that they have it laid out the way they do, as it seems like you’d receive one of the two sides as your reward.


Its worth it to keep trying. You can only get cash 1x a day from spins if not VIP. It’s possible to get though.


Yeah, for sure. I hit a ton of drops on the bus to/from work. Always worth it unless there’s a decent dino to shoot at instead.